Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back Pain, Leg Grows - In Jesus - 07-30-2013

Tonight during my last break, I walked past two people, a young man, and a young lady. As I past them, I overheard the young man explaining about back pains he was having. I turned back to see if I could pray for him. As I approached, the young man greeted me and I proceeded to tell him that I overheard what he was saying and asked if he had back pain right now. He explained that it was at night time as he would lay in bed when he would get the pain, but had none right then. He said that he had just been to the chiropractor who said that his back was in rough shape. I explained that the reason I asked about it was because I pray for people and God heals them. He got really excited and sat up at the edge of his seat and said that they had just been to a church service where they were talking about healing and the reactions of people when it occurs. I had him scoot his butt all the way back in the chair he was sitting in and then had a look at his heels to see if his legs were the same length. Sure enough his right leg was shorter by about half an inch. I explained that many times people with back problems will have one shorter leg and that as we pray for people, they get aligned of whatever is off kilter and the pain goes. I had the girl come sit beside me and showed her the difference and said to watch closely at the heels. I then commanded the leg to grow out in the name of Jesus. It came out and actually went a little farther than it should have. I then had to command the left leg to come out to match the right. The girl was quite dumbfounded. The male was super excited. I told him that he will not have any more back problems. I encouraged them that they could do the very same and encouraged them to step out when given the opportunity and they will see the Lord heal through them. They were very thankful for the prayer and encounter. I was too. It never gets old!

Thank You, Lord!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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