Friday, February 28, 2014

"Pain, Go, in Jesus' name." - In Jesus - 02-28-2014

This morning at work as I was sitting at my desk I overheard some female co-workers talking about pains they had in their bodies. I made note and waited for the opportunity. It wasn't until late in the afternoon that I finally ran into one of them in the hallway as I was coming back from my last break. I explained that I overheard her say she had pain in her shoulder and she said "Yes, in my right shoulder", while placing her right hand on it. I asked "Can I pray for that?" It seemed that she was a bit surprised to hear my question and to make sure she heard right she asked me to repeat myself. I did. With a slight nervous smile on her face she said "Sure." I asked to place my hand on her shoulder and she said "Ok." I put my hand on her right shoulder and spoke directly to the pain, commanding it to leave her in the name of Jesus Christ. I also spoke to the shoulder and said to be healed and made whole in Jesus' name. I pulled my hand away and asked her to check and see if it felt any different. She moved it around and said "Yes, it does feel better. How did you do that?" I briefly shared the gospel with her. She seemed thankful. I know I was.

At the end of my shift I overheard another co-worker speaking about pain that he was starting to feel in his jaw after the numbness of being to the dentist was wearing off. I asked if I could pray for him and he too nervously said yes. After getting permission, I put my right fingertip on the side of his cheek and commanded all pain to go in Jesus' name. I asked him to check if it was better and he said it was. I asked if that made him wonder how that was possible. He informed me that he was actually a believer too, a Lutheran, and confessed to being more conservative and traditional in his beliefs and practices. I wanted to know if it had encouraged him and he said it had. I'm sure we'll get to talk further in the near future.

On my walk home, I saw a woman walking very slowly ahead of me. Once I reached her I asked if she was in pain. She had reported that her knees were in a lot of pain, the left one had a knee replacement and the right one was scheduled to be done in the near future. The right one was the worst though. I received permission to pray and lay hands on her knees and then proceeded to command the pain out and the knees to be healed in Jesus' name. She reported that all pain was now gone. She was a believer and knew the Lord well. She was very thankful and joyful. As was I.

Thank You Lord for using me today!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!