Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back Pain, Leg Grows - In Jesus - 07-30-2013

Tonight during my last break, I walked past two people, a young man, and a young lady. As I past them, I overheard the young man explaining about back pains he was having. I turned back to see if I could pray for him. As I approached, the young man greeted me and I proceeded to tell him that I overheard what he was saying and asked if he had back pain right now. He explained that it was at night time as he would lay in bed when he would get the pain, but had none right then. He said that he had just been to the chiropractor who said that his back was in rough shape. I explained that the reason I asked about it was because I pray for people and God heals them. He got really excited and sat up at the edge of his seat and said that they had just been to a church service where they were talking about healing and the reactions of people when it occurs. I had him scoot his butt all the way back in the chair he was sitting in and then had a look at his heels to see if his legs were the same length. Sure enough his right leg was shorter by about half an inch. I explained that many times people with back problems will have one shorter leg and that as we pray for people, they get aligned of whatever is off kilter and the pain goes. I had the girl come sit beside me and showed her the difference and said to watch closely at the heels. I then commanded the leg to grow out in the name of Jesus. It came out and actually went a little farther than it should have. I then had to command the left leg to come out to match the right. The girl was quite dumbfounded. The male was super excited. I told him that he will not have any more back problems. I encouraged them that they could do the very same and encouraged them to step out when given the opportunity and they will see the Lord heal through them. They were very thankful for the prayer and encounter. I was too. It never gets old!

Thank You, Lord!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Divine Delay in a Store Brings Word of Knowledge and Encouragement - In Jesus - 07-26-2013

I stopped at Future Shop today to buy a few DVD's and found that one of which, they didn't have in stock at the store (Voyage of the Dawn Treader). I asked the man who was helping me with my purchase if it was possible to order it with them right there from their online store and then to have the DVD 'price beat' to as it was at a lower cost (Price Beat is a guarantee that Future Shop has where they will beat any competitor's price by 10% of the difference.). He agreed to help me with it. He put through the order on the computer, then called up the call center to have the items price reduced. While the man was waiting on the phone for the customer service agent to do what was needed to reduce the price of my order, (it was taking an unusually long time; a Divine delay) I prayed quietly in my mind to the Lord and asked if there was anything He wanted to share with this man. I waited for about a minute or so and then I had a very slight impression of him singing. Then I thought of him praising God with a really great voice and bringing Jesus glory through this gift the Lord had given him. I am a bit rusty with stepping out prophetically, so this was a bit of a faith stretch for me. I asked him if he liked to sing. He said that he used to really like it, but hadn't done so for quite some time. I explained to him why I asked, in that I quietly asked God if there was anything He would like to share with him, and explained how I received the impressions that I did. He mentioned that he took 7 years of voice lessons as a young person and used to sing in the choir for many years. I explained that I felt the Lord had gifted him with a talent with which God really wanted him to use to bring glory to Jesus. I then asked him if he knew the Lord Jesus and he said that he did. The whole thing felt a bit awkward for me as I haven't done this kind of thing very much. But after asking the man, he said that he was encouraged by the whole thing and would think about pursuing that avenue once again.

Thank You Lord for using me today prophetically. More Lord! And may you get all the glory, glory, glory!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

Freedom From Coughing Habit - In Jesus - 07-25-2013

I was so encouraged when I got home from work tonight to check my phone messages. Brought tears to my eyes, to be honest with you. I just love seeing the Lord heal and touch people.

On my walk home from work last night, I noticed an older man whom I approached one other time to pray for maybe a year or so ago. He had a cane and was in pain. He also reported getting short on breath very easily, not being able to go very far without resting. He said things were getting worse. I asked him if it was his heart, and he said the doctors wanted to do a knee replacement surgery but they didn't because they said his heart was too weak for it. Well, he let me pray again and didn't report any improvement immediately. He did say that he would know once he walked some though. While I prayed for him I noticed he kept making these noises with his throat, almost as if he was clearing it or coughing slightly. At first I thought that he was manifesting a demon and while praying, I was commanding any unclean spirits to leave him. He continued to make the noises though. I asked him about it and he said that a while ago he had a cold with a cough but that the cold had left and the habit of making that noise stayed. He said he didn't have any problems or pains in his throat, but it was like a habit he couldn't stop. I commanded the habit to stop, and released freedom to him in the name of Jesus Christ, and then we talked for a little bit more. He wanted my number so that I could pray for him some more, as well as for his brother who was very ill with a number of health issues and had to go to the hospital just recently. I gave him my number, but prayed right there for his brother with him present, commanding him to be healed and restored in the name of Jesus. We then parted ways and as I left him I noticed that he had not made that noise with his throat for the last few minutes that we had talked.

Back to getting home and checking my messages. He left me a message today letting me know that he had not coughed at all, all day. He said that it was a miracle and the prayer worked somehow. haha! Glory to Jesus!! He also reported that he spoke with his brother and that he was in good spirits. He said his brother went to the doctor and they said they weren't taking any more appointments right away but he thought he felt good enough so he didn't make a future appointment. I just command complete healing to him right now, in Jesus' name! Thank You, Lord! It appears his sister in law also has a lot of need for prayer; 80% blind, fibromyalgia, arthritis, bursitis. I already prayed for her, but we'll see if I need to meet with them, if that is their desire.

Earlier tonight, I also got to pray for a Shrink, as he called himself, whom I met on my break. He said he was agnostic but welcomed the prayer very readily and said many people were praying for him. He said he had seen many miracles in his career as a 'Shrink' and it sounded as if he believed they were authentic. I guess he just wasn't willing to take up his own cross and follow the Lord yet, why he said he was agnostic? He had been in a plane accident back in April and broke his right leg. He said there was no pain, but they were probably going to be taking the cast off next week. He said that they were just waiting for the calcium to build up. I commanded the bone to be completely mended and that no trace of the break would be left, to confound the doctors. He smiled and nodded his head and we parted ways.

I also got to pray for one of my co-workers who had left early from work as she wasn't feeling well. I caught her on the way out as I was heading back during the same break where I met the Shrink. She nodded her head 'yes' and thanked me, when I asked if she was feeling better after laying hands on her shoulder and commanding the sore throat and headache to go away in Jesus' name.

Glory to You, Lord most high!!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A whole lotta pain leaves - In Jesus - 07-22-2013 & 07-23-2013

Today during lunch I got to pray for an older gentleman who was walking with a cane and with his wife. The pain went down 50% right away, I said one more quick prayer and he said it was getting better. I told him I believe it will continue to go away until no pain is left. He was very happy and thankful.

I also got to pray for a man who I saw sitting on one of those walker/seat combo deals. He said he was a pastor and who had been in a car accident, then he got a flu shot and it messed him up. While I prayed for him he started to fall asleep. It was odd to say the least. I prayed a couple times then told him that Jesus Christ heals him and that he will recover. I left him and then on my way back a few minutes later noticed he was now gone.

Yesterday, walking In Jesus, He healed or took the pain partially away from 4 different people:

First one older lady with pain in her knee, the pain completely left her after 3 quick commanding prayers in Jesus' name. She was with her family who all seemed to be Sikh. She was sitting in one of those walker/seat deals when I approached them all. I didn't get the chance to share the gospel with them, but they heard me praying in Jesus' name and I think the Lord working the miracle for her spoke for itself. The children were very attentive. They had to get right in there and listen to me and see what exactly I was doing. An older son of hers who was standing behind her while she was sitting in her walker was translating for me when I would ask if the pain was gone yet, he would say, "Yes, some pain gone, pray more", in his heavy accent. haha! Once the pain was gone the elderly woman smiled slightly and then I just put my hands to heaven and said "Thank You, God!" The older son who was translating almost did the same thing. They were very thankful.

I met a young man who had hurt his ankle skateboarding. The pain was at about a 6/10. It left after the first commanding prayer and he was a bit excited. He tried to do some tricks on his skateboard, but then the pain came back. It was less though. At about a 4/10. I prayed a couple more time and told him that I believe it will all go away very shortly. He was a Christian and said he was just praying for it moments before I met him. I encouraged him to step out and pray for his friends and that the more he does it, the more he will see things happen.

Also yesterday, almost at home at the end of the day, I noticed a couple native ladies, one with a walker and another with a cane. I ran inside, to drop off my stuff then went out to meet them. The Lord grew out the one ladies leg who had the walker by 1/2 inch or more and the pain was completely gone from her back. It took a long time for the leg to come out though. Maybe a minute or more. I then prayed for the other woman with the cane and the arthritis pain left her back right away. She also started to feel tingles all over her body. I explained that that was a common manifestation of the Holy Spirit. It remained for the rest of the time I spoke with them. They were all Christians. I also got to pray for the young woman who was with them. She said she gets lots of headaches. I just put my hands on her head and in the Lord's name, commanded all the headaches to go and never return. I also had the sense she had problems sleeping, and when asked she said "Yes, sometimes". I told her that would stop too. When I was finished praying for them, I felt the need to share about how they too can command the sickness and pain to leave their own bodies or they could pray for each other in His name. I explained why it was possible and if they just believe and trust Jesus they will see the same results. The one woman who had the leg grow out, then reported that the pain had returned and it was just as bad as before. She said "See, it's a stubborn pain and it will never leave." I prayed a couple times but no change. I commanded any spirits of infirmity to go as well, but didn't see any more change. I thought to ask her if she was holding any unforgiveness or resentment towards anyone but she reported that she always lets go of it right away. I told her that I will keep believing that it will completely leave and that she needs to not agree with what the enemy is trying to tell her, in that it will never leave, especially by speaking those words out herself. They were very thankful.

I love getting the opportunity to minister to people. Use me more, Lord!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Enjoying Some Older Testimonies w/ Trevor Hodgson - In Jesus - 05-01-2013 (Revisited)

I was just enjoying some older testimonies with brother, saint, minister, priest and king Trevor Hodgson. :) Thought this was a neat way to re-share it. Maybe if you've got twitter you'd like to follow?

Update 11-09-2022: I have long since deleted twitter. It was just pointing to this blog post

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Knee Pain Goes, Leg Grows Out - In Jesus - 07-12-2013

A few days ago I overheard a man I work with talking about pain in his knee. I didn't get the chance to approach him as he was leaving as I was starting and the moment never felt right. Today I was sitting at my desk and he walked past and said have a good night to me and others near me. I said the same to him. I felt as if I should approach him today and was going to get up to follow him as he left. I turned to look over the cubical and noticed that he was standing at the end with a bit of a confused look on his face. As I looked at him he said "Did someone call my name?" I smiled and waved at him to come to me. I asked him about his pain in his knee and if I could pray for him. He said sure. I put my hand on his knee and commanded the pain to go and the knee to be healed in Jesus' name. He thanked me and I told him to check it out. He said "It sure couldn't hurt." I re-iterated, "Test it out, try to find the pain." He looked at me with a surprised look on his face and said, "Before you asked me I had pain right here" and he pointed to it, "and now it is gone." I nodded at him and put my hands in the air as if to worship the Lord and said, "You see. He's real and He wants you to know Him." He thanked me again and said "Now I am going to be able to sleep tonight." He walked away and I looked over the cubical at him as he left and he said thank you again and mentioned again how it really feels good. Haha! I loved that he thought he heard someone call his name. I wonder if it was either the Lord, or his angel? It made me giggle a number of times as I thought about it throughout the remainder of my shift. Glory!

Tonight after work I went for a walk by the Assiniboine Park and came across a young couple sitting at a bus stop bench. I approached them and asked if they had any pain or sickness in their bodies. They did not. I explained why I asked and they just re-iterated that nothing was wrong with them. I asked if either of them knew if they had a shorter leg than the other. I looked at the boy and he said, "No, I'm pretty sure they are the same length." I asked him if we could check and directed him to scoot his butt all the way to the back of the bench. Sure enough, his left leg was short by about a 1/4 of an inch, maybe more. I had the girl get up and look and then showed him. I then commanded the left leg to grown out in Jesus' name. It came out in about 15-30 seconds. I asked him if he could feel anything in his leg as it was slowly coming out. The boy said that he believed in Jesus. I explained a few things to him and encouraged him that he could do the same things in Christ and that in fact Jesus wanted to work through him to be a light to the world and salt to the earth. He said his theology professor told him about this kind of miracle happening before. His mom pulled up at that point and we parted ways.

Thank You for using me, Lord!

Grace, peace and love, in Jesus Christ!

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Knee Pain Healed, Leg Grows Out and Back Pain Healed - In Jesus - 07-08-2013

Tonight during my lunch break I met a young man and woman. They were out walking and looked as if they were just taking a break from a jog as they both had running gear on. I noticed that the young man had a tensor type knee brace on his right knee. I approached them to see if he had pain in it. He reported that he did. I explained that I pray for people for healing and God heals them. I asked if I could do that for him. He seemed very thankful and said yes but was about to continue walking. I asked if I could do so right now. He said sure. I asked him his name and if it was ok to put my hand on his knee and he said sure. I spoke to the knee in the name of our Lord, and commanded all pain and infirmity to leave. I had him try to look for the pain. It was gone. Jesus had done it again. I love Him! I thought they would be Christians and after asking I found that I was right. I explained to them about how they could do the very same thing as they had the same Spirit of God that lived inside them. I also gave them a few parts of passages of scriptures to confirm what I was saying was biblical (Matt.10:7-8, Matt.28:18-19, Mark 16:16-18, John 14:12) as to be honest, it didn't seem like the young man believed that it was possible for him to do the same thing. I explained that sometimes we believe, or are taught, or pick up things that aren't true and that can hinder us from doing the same things that Jesus did. I explained how I used to believe that people had to repent of their sins before they could be healed, and that just is not true. Not in most cases at least. Not saying that it won't be necessary in some. They were both very thankful and we parted ways with happy salutations between brothers and a sister in the Lord.

At my last break of the evening, I had walked past a young couple who were sitting at a certain spot. I thought the Lord was telling me that the young man had one leg shorter than the other. I continued past them and then on my way back I decided I was going to approach them. As I was doing so, they had both got up from the spot they were sitting at and started to walk toward a nearby bench while he had his hand wrapped around to his back and appeared to be massaging it as if there was pain there. 'Perfect!', I thought. I walked up to the young man as he sat down on the bench and he looked at me strangely. hehe. I said, "This might be a bit of a weird question but do you get a lot of lower back pain?" He said he did. I told him how I felt like God told me that he had a shorter leg and this was the cause of why he experiences the lower back pain. The young lady said, "Well, lets just check out your legs to see if one is shorter then", with a big grin on her face. I knelt down in front of him and had him scoot his butt all the way to the back of the bench. I held up his legs with his heels together and spread his toes outward so they could see the length at the heels. His right leg was shorter by about a half an inch. He said something like, "Wow, that's crazy." I said, "Ok, watch this." I commanded the right leg to grow out in the name of Jesus and in about 5 seconds it was the same length as the other and the back pain was gone. They were dumbfounded. And I was excited, haha! That never gets old. I explained why that was possible and who did that for them. They were not Christians. He said something to the effect that he had tried to believe before but had doubts. He said that this confirmed it for him and that he really believed that Jesus was real now. I shared a quick gospel message with them and explained what they must do to be saved and how to continue to follow and grow in Him. I didn't feel to pressure them to pray with me right then and there. They were both very thankful.

Thank You, Lord, for using me. For Your glory, Lord, MORE!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!