Friday, July 26, 2013

A Divine Delay in a Store Brings Word of Knowledge and Encouragement - In Jesus - 07-26-2013

I stopped at Future Shop today to buy a few DVD's and found that one of which, they didn't have in stock at the store (Voyage of the Dawn Treader). I asked the man who was helping me with my purchase if it was possible to order it with them right there from their online store and then to have the DVD 'price beat' to as it was at a lower cost (Price Beat is a guarantee that Future Shop has where they will beat any competitor's price by 10% of the difference.). He agreed to help me with it. He put through the order on the computer, then called up the call center to have the items price reduced. While the man was waiting on the phone for the customer service agent to do what was needed to reduce the price of my order, (it was taking an unusually long time; a Divine delay) I prayed quietly in my mind to the Lord and asked if there was anything He wanted to share with this man. I waited for about a minute or so and then I had a very slight impression of him singing. Then I thought of him praising God with a really great voice and bringing Jesus glory through this gift the Lord had given him. I am a bit rusty with stepping out prophetically, so this was a bit of a faith stretch for me. I asked him if he liked to sing. He said that he used to really like it, but hadn't done so for quite some time. I explained to him why I asked, in that I quietly asked God if there was anything He would like to share with him, and explained how I received the impressions that I did. He mentioned that he took 7 years of voice lessons as a young person and used to sing in the choir for many years. I explained that I felt the Lord had gifted him with a talent with which God really wanted him to use to bring glory to Jesus. I then asked him if he knew the Lord Jesus and he said that he did. The whole thing felt a bit awkward for me as I haven't done this kind of thing very much. But after asking the man, he said that he was encouraged by the whole thing and would think about pursuing that avenue once again.

Thank You Lord for using me today prophetically. More Lord! And may you get all the glory, glory, glory!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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