Saturday, October 14, 2017

"It's all gone now isn't it?" - In Jesus - Plus Ten, One Minute Video Testimonies - 10-14-2017

Heading back to work on a lunch walk I saw a man off in a distance grab his left arm. I got excited and said to myself "Alright! We're going to heal him."

I was a little excited because of being rejected by a couple visiting from the UK who had approached me for directions about 20 minutes earlier. A funny part of that conversation I'd like to share though: Nearing the end of the time with them I asked if they knew what Jesus had done for us and the husband said "No, we're total unbelievers. I am an engineer." I responded to him "Engineers can't believe?" He said "No, it just doesn't work." haha!

Once I reached the man I saw in the distance who had grabbed his arm I asked if he had pain there. He said yes and that it was in his shoulder. I found that he was open to the idea after I asked if I could pray for him to be healed. I put my hands on his shoulder, issued a 3 second command "All pain go, Shoulder be healed in Jesus' name." took my hands off and asked him how it was. He moved it and said it was better but by his response and actions it appeared there was still some there so I asked if he could give me a percentage of how much better. He thought for a moment and I said "It is all leaving now isn't it?" He had an interesting look on his face. I could just tell by his facial reactions that it was leaving. I then said, "It's all gone now isn't it?" He checked again and moved it freely and said "Hmm, yes it is." That was interesting to me, being able to see his reactions and just knowing that it was leaving. I felt that my declaration that it was leaving was the initiator of it. He said he knew the Lord most of his life but had never experienced anything like that before. He mentioned that he trains a lot and that was why his shoulder was sore. I shared with him very briefly that he could do that too. He seemed to be holding back some emotions. I didn't really have much time so I didn't get to ask the pain level, or ask what part of the shoulder was affected, or even get to share my name and ask his. I am curious by the appearance of him holding back emotions if it was more serious of an issue than just a sore muscle. Either way, that was fun. Thank You Lord for using me again. You know how much I love that.

Here are 10 short 1 minute video testimonies that I have shared to my instagram account over the last few months that I haven't shared here. Be encouraged! Jesus wants to use you too!

Therefore we also pray always for you that our God would count you worthy of this calling, and fulfill all the good pleasure of His goodness and the work of faith with power, that the name of our Lord Jesus Christ may be glorified in you, and you in Him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ. 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12

Share Jesus. The kingdom of God is at hand, the kingdom of God is in your midst. #healing #gospel #Jesus #neckpain #ministry #christianwalk

But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth. Acts 1:8 #testimony #witness #giftandcalling #Himworkingthroughus #goodworkspreparedbeforehand #Jesus #eternallife #repentandbelieve #gospel #healing #iloveYouJesus

Quick testimony. Walking on my way home, a young girl feels some heat and has some pain in her shoulder disappear in Jesus' name. #gospelofthekingdomofGod #gospelincludespowerofGod #faithinGodnotman #notwithpersuasivewords #demonstrationsofSpiritandpower #healingisthechildrensbread #healingisGodscompassion #mercy #grace #diciple #followerofJesus #believer #thesesignsfollowthosethatbelieve #everydaychristianity #lifestylechristianity #encouragement #christian #believeryoucanbeusedbyHimtoo #workspreparedbeforehand #abideinthevine

Testimony. A woman with neuropothy in her feet starts to feel tingles and feeling return, and gets comfort ministered to her lonely heart. She prayed the LORD would send someone to minister to her. She said she never had that happen before. #abideinthevine #fruit #eternalfruit #workspreparedbeforehand #JesusChrist #ministry #everydaychristianity #lifestylechristianity #thegoofthegospel #notgoofhaha

A short quickie. #quickie #testimony #healing #Jesus #gospel #prebeliever #fuegodedios #fireofgod #miracles

At a McDonald's drive-thru tonight on my way home. A quick testimony. #healing #miracles #gospel #Jesus #HeisKing #Heiscomingbacktobringjudgmentthistime #repentandbelieve #besavedfromthewrathtocome #kingdomisathand #thesesignsfollowthosethatbelieve #itsaneverydaylifestyle #notanevent

The called and chosen are those God had chosen-out for Himself in Christ before the foundation of the world. He is the God who seeks and saves the lost, but they which come to Him are only able by His grace. #testimony #gospel #peace #healing #grace #predestined #exclusive #vip #allwhowouldbelieve #bygraceyouaresaved #gracethroughfaith #nouniversalism #inclusivismisheresy #foundations #truth #truthinhashtags #allaresinners #alldeservehell #Godchosesome #HisgifttotheSon #betrothedbeloved #aneverlastinglove #believeitornot #busdriver #streetevangelism #Jesuscalls #biblical #eph14 #romans830 even as He selected us out for himself in Him before the foundations of the universe were laid, to be holy ones and without blemish before His searching, penetrating gaze; in love having previously marked us out to be placed as adult sons through the intermediate agency of Jesus Christ for himself according to that which seemed good in His heart's desire, Ephesians 1 by Kenneth Wuest for those who are divinely summoned ones according to His purpose. Because, those whom He foreordained He also marked out beforehand as those who were to be conformed to the derived image of His Son, with the result that He is firstborn among many brethren. Moreover, those whom He thus marked out beforehand, these He also summoned. And those whom He summoned, these He also justified. Moreover, those whom He justified, these He also glorified. Romans 8 by Kenneth Wuest

Just a quick testimony of a healing and sharing the gospel tonight on my lunch break with a man named Merv. Be encouraged. #gospel #healing #kneepain #evangelism #manofGod #Jesusheals #behealed #repentandbelieveinthegospel #besaved

Glory to Jesus. Just prayed for a woman. She was touched by the power of God. #healing #cancer #paingone #arm #shoulder #extremepaingone #childrensbread #life #lunchtimeministry #glorytoJesus #Jesus #KingJesus #kingdom

Testimony of a quickie healing and gospel being shared. #quickie #gospel #goodnews #Jesusheals #JesusisLord #Christcrucified #gospelofthekingdom #repentandbelieve Oops. I meant that I said to him it would take two seconds when he asked, not two minutes. Haha

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Testimony of Pain Leaving Abby's Knee - 10-02-2017

I haven't shared much here. I will try to be more faithful with that. Hope you enjoy and are encouraged. I posted this to my Facebook earlier. I also post videos of testimonies on my instagram pretty regularly. Those links to my other social media sites are on the right side and some of the tabs of this blog site in case you are interested.

Yesterday on my lunch break in the evening I went for a walk and I saw a young girl with a knee tensor band on her right knee walking with a older woman who looked like possibly her mother. So I quickly walked across the street and had the intent that I was going to heal her in the name of Jesus. As they walked up toward me I spoke up and said "Hey, do you have pain in your knee." and the young girl looked up and smiled. You could tell she knew what I was going to do. She said yes. The mother smiled too. I asked her if I could pray for her knee and she smiled even bigger and said yes again. I introduced myself and they did too. Their names were Abby, and the mother's name was Sophie. I found out the pain level, I think she said it was 3 out of 10. I asked if I could put my hand on her knee and she said yes. I bent over and commanded the knee to be healed, saying something like "tendons, ligaments, nerves, bones be restored and healed all pain go in Jesus's name." and I got up asked how it was. The pain was just a little bit better. It went down one level to a 2/10. So I asked if I could pray again and she obliged me. I bent down again put my hand on her knee and this time I just said a really quick prayer "All pain go, knee be healed right now." and I got up had her test it and it was all gone. She was really happy about that. Sophie was praying in tongues and thanking Jesus with her hand stretched toward while I ministered the power of God to Abby.

Then she (Abby) mentioned about how someone had prayed for her before and the pain went away, but then came back. First I made the declaration "knee you are healed no more pain come back in Jesus' name", then shared with her about how she can contend for her healing in that if the symptom tries to come back she can tell it to go in the name of Jesus and believe that what Jesus did on the cross and at the whipping post was all done 2000 years ago for her, and we receives it by faith, and to tell those symptoms or even the spirit that may be causing the symptoms to go in the name of Jesus and just stand on that.

I also got to share with them how Jesus and the disciples commanded healing, that they didn't ask God to do it, they took authority over the situation and commanded it to be made right in the authority given them (on earth as it is in heaven). And some other truths which included Isaiah 53:4, Matt. 8:17, (healing already paid for by Jesus) and Matt. 28:18-20 (He has all authority and He is in us, we speak and He speaks, and that we are to do as Jesus and the disciples did). Sophie was encouraged by that and said she was going to start doing that too.

Sophie wanted prayer for emotional pain in her heart, so I got to put my hand on her shoulder and ask the Holy Spirit to come and bring her comfort and healing and peace. They seemed really blessed by all that. I know I was. I gave them a hug and we parted ways. So I got to minister to the Saints in the power and love of God for a little lunch adventure. Thank You Jesus!

I hope this encourages you to do the same. I am no one special above any of you. It's so simple. We just have to abide in the Vine, Jesus Christ, ask Him to use us, and He will make the opportunity. When you see the opportunity, and you will, they are everywhere, just step out in faith in God, press through the fear or discouragement or doubt, and just do it. You will see Him move on your behalf, He will back you, He is with you, and He wants to be glorified through you. You are His hands and feet, His mouthpiece. You are salt and light. Seasoning things and situations with His flavour and preservation, and bringing the truth to darkness wherever you go. He has set apart works for you to walk in, preordained them for you to do. He has chosen you to bear fruit for Him, chosen you in Him in love, from the foundation of the world. You are saved not only to be saved from your sins but to do His good works in partnership with Him. Thank You Jesus!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!