Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pain Leaves The Sweetest Little Girl - In Jesus - 08-21-2013

On my walk home from work today I met the sweetest little girl. She couldn't have been more than maybe 20 lbs? Seriously. She was in a motorized wheel chair that raises her up and down. Her arms were about 1 inch thick and her legs maybe two. Her family was just about 10 feet away and watching as I approached her and started to talk with her. They were smiling our way. I walked up to her and said "Hi." She said "Hi" back and we made a little small talk back and forth asking each other how the other was doing. She had the cutest little voice. She was filled with such joy and was so kind. I wanted to grab her and hug her. She was just sooo cute. haha! I don't know what her age was but she seemed so smart. I can't imagine she was any less than a young teen. I explained that I pray for people for healing and asked her if she would like if I prayed for her. She was very happy and said that would be great. I don't know what exactly she had, as far is a medical diagnosis, because I didn't ask that specifically, but I did ask what was going on in her body and what she would like to be healed from. She said she had pain and it was mostly in her back. I asked her to gauge the pain. She said it was like a 9.5 out of 10 as she laughed about it, while at the same time looking to her parents, pointing at them, and saying "Shush" to them in the cutest little way. I'm not sure why as I didn't see what they were doing. They were a bit to the side and out of the way from my line of sight at that time. I asked if I could put my finger on her shoulder as I prayed. She said yes. I placed my finger on her little shoulder that was maybe 3 or 4 times bigger than my finger and commanded all pain and infirmity to leave her body in the name of Jesus. She closed her eyes and bowed her head at the same time. I asked her how she was doing. She smiled and with a surprised sounding voice said "You know, it is feeling better!" It was now a 5 out of 10. I asked if I could pray one more time. She started to say that she had to get going. I looked over at her parents and they had begun to walk away slightly. I could tell they weren't concerned with me and appeared to know I was 'safe'. I said, "Are you sure, it will only take a couple seconds more?" She said, "Well... ok." haha! Ohhh man, I wish you all could have seen this. She was so cute. I repeated the prayer by putting my finger on her shoulder again, commanded all pain to go 100% in the name of Jesus and thanked Him for healing her. She had the hugest grin and laughed while reporting it was all gone. I found that she believed in Jesus, told her that He really loved her, and thanked her for letting me pray for her. She thanked me too and said good bye as she rolled away. I noticed her mother had a tensor bandage around her knee so I asked if I could pray for her too, but she said that it was ok. I said, "Are you sure? Jesus just removed pain from your daughter?" She just smiled and said, "There is no pain, it is just there for protection." I didn't push the issue, said, "Ok." and good bye while thanking them. I believe she will begin to grow and be completely healed of whatever is going on with her body. Thank You JESUS!!!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pain Reduced After Hysterectomy and Cross-walk Healing - In Jesus - 08-20-2013

Glory to God! I tell you, if you step out and trust and believe God and His word, He will use you. I just want to encourage you to do so. Face those fears and counteract them head on by just running right through them. God will give you the grace, for His glory. Let Your grace rest upon my brethren and sistren, Lord God in Jesus' name.

Today at lunch I stepped out the back of the building to see a woman and her daughter sitting on a bench. The woman held a cane in front of her as she sat there. I walked up to them to see if I could minister healing to her. I explained my intent and found that she had just had surgery and her womb was removed. She was in a lot of pain and the cane helped her to walk. She was a Sikh woman. She was sitting there with her hands folded on the top of her cane so I asked if I could put my hand on top of hers as I prayed. She obliged. After speaking to her body and commanding all pain to leave in the name of Jesus, she didn't feel any improvement. I prayed again and she started to feel a reduction. I took this opportunity to share the gospel with her and her daughter. After sharing with her, I was surprised to hear her say that she believed what I was saying. She asked me about His birth date being on Christmas and I explained how it was most likely in September, but that the date of December was taken to redeem that day for the Glory of God instead of the pagan holiday it formerly was. I prayed one other time for her. It was such a good encounter. I felt almost drunk with the love of God, haha. Sharing Him brings such JOY!! As I walked back to work after lunch, they were just getting up to go back into the same building as my work is in. I asked her how she was doing and she said that it was feeling better. I assured her that I believe that all pain would leave and she would be completely well. I took the opportunity to tell her to get a Bible and read it. She smiled and nodded. Her daughter also thanked me. Thank You, Lord!

On my walk home after work, I noted a woman walking toward the intersection across from the street were I was waiting for the light to turn so that I could cross. She had a cane and was walking slowly. I determined I was going to go up to her and minister to her. The light changed and I walked across to where she was waiting for the opposite light to change so she could go across the street in a perpendicular fashion from the direction I was coming. Her light was still red. I got next to her and by this time a crowd of people started to form behind her. I got next to her and explained that I pray for healing for people and God heals them, asking if I could do the same for her. She was shaking slightly and nodded her head yes. She seemed so feeble and timid. I asked where the pain was and she said all over. I asked to put my hand on her shoulder and she let me. I quickly spoke to her body to be healed and all pain to go in the name of the Lord. I noticed the light had changed green by now and the people behind her paused there for a brief moment thinking maybe we would go, since we didn't, they just decided to walk around us and kept going. After a very quick command of healing, I asked her how she was feeling and a huge grin formed on her face and the slight shaking seemed to stop. She said it was much better and thanked me for praying. I noticed she had a couple pendants on her necklace, a cross, a heart, and something else so I assumed she was a Christian. I just said "Glory to God, your welcome." and let her go. The whole encounter took maybe 1 or 2 minutes. It was so quick and really a big blessing to me and I believe her, judging by her reaction.

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Pain Leaves From a Hurt Stump - In Jesus - 08-19-2013

I love the Lord Jesus! I just wanted to declare that. I love YOU JESUS!!

I have had the opportunity to minister to various people over the last couple weeks. I really haven't been feeling the desire to share the testimonies. I sometimes think that it doesn't encourage anyone or that no one is really reading these. But I do see people hitting the page from various countries. So if you like what you read and it encourages you in some way, please feel free to comment. :) Originally I was going to keep this as a blog to keep track of EVERYTHING the Lord did. It seemed to get to be a little too much to write up all the time. Maybe someday I'll get myself a good camera and start to film those experiences to make it easier. We'll see.

Today at lunch I got to pray for a man named Malcolm. I saw him walking to his truck and getting in and noticed that he seems a little slow and with a bit of a limp. I approached the truck. By this time he had already jumped inside and had the doors closed. I was standing next to his door and he grabbed his keys to press the lock button on his key chain. Hehehe! I knocked on the window and I guess he decided that I wasn't too much risk so he opened it to me. I explained that I saw him walking and that I thought he would have some pain in his body. I told him that I pray for people and God heals them. He said "Oh really? How much does that cost?" Haha! I said "Nothing. It's free. Jesus already paid for it." A female who was sitting next to him said "Of course it's free." to him at about the same time I was talking. He had a bum knee, he said. I asked to put my hand on his shoulder and he said "Ok." I commanded his knee to be healed in the name of Jesus Christ and all tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bones and muscles to be completely healed and all pain to go. He said he believes it will go. I asked if there was any change and he said it was still the same. He said he believes in prayer and believes it will get better. I asked which knee it was and it turned out to be the one closest to me. I put my hand on it and commanded it again to be healed. I asked if there was any changed and he just said, "I believe it will get better." I thanked him for letting me pray and asked the woman if she was good and she said "Yes. No health issues." I blessed them and said good bye.

I also approached a few other people during lunch break but no one wanted any prayer. One person was a Christian so we go to encourage each other a bit. That was nice.

After work, I walked out the building to see a woman rolling by on a motorized wheel chair. I noticed that she was missing her lower part of her right leg. I will be completely honest. I was not going to step out to ask to pray for her as I didn't think that it was going to grow back. I kept going but then felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit to ask about pain in her body and to pray for that. I obeyed and turned around to approach her. She was already passing by me at this point and I looked at her and smiled and said "Hi. Excuse me." And she kept rolling by. I yelled out loudly, "Can I pray for you! I pray for people for healing!" She stopped the wheel chair and turned around to come back to me. Her name was Margaret, I believe. I found out that she happened to fall on her stump and was in a lot of pain because of this. It had a brace around it and a bandage to protect it from hitting something else, I presumed. I introduced myself and asked if I could put my hand over her leg. She allowed me. I simply put my hand hovering over the brace only slightly touching it. So there was actually no physical contact from my hand to her leg. My hand was more so, overshadowing her stump. I only highlight that to show that contact doesn't have to always be made. Sometimes you can just speak to the person, body or body part, or point at it, and basically whatever method you feel led to do or believe in, it will usually work as it is God who does the healing anyway. I commanded all pain to go in Jesus' name. I commanded the leg to grow and be restored too (even though I had formerly doubted). I asked her if there was any pain left. She said it had completely left. Praise You Lord!! She was a fellow Christian, sister in Christ, so I encouraged her with telling her about Matthew 15:31 where it says "maimed made whole" how the word there for maimed, was the very same Greek word that Jesus used when He explained to people that if their right hand causes them to sin, to cut it off. So I felt that was good enough evidence to proved that Jesus healed and restored people with missing limbs or maimed parts of their bodies and we should be able to do the same, John 14:12. I also spoke to her about the video I will post below. I just love this testimony!! She was very blessed to see the pain leave immediately. I was too. So, here is that crazy awesome testimony of limbs growing back to encourage you and me.

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!