Thursday, May 28, 2015

Knee Healing and Salvation - In Jesus - 05-27-2015 [Video]

This story begins shortly after 9:30 PM as I was out walking on my last break from work for the evening. I had just finished walking past the Gandhi statue just outside of the new Canadian Human Rights Museum and following along the path they call the Broadway Prominade. I heard a man behind me groan in pain. I turned to see a man close to the same age as me walking toward me. I allowed him to catch up to me and then I continued with him asking him if he was in pain. He said "Yes.", and groaned again. I asked him if I could pray for healing for him and what he was dealing with. He said yes, and that it was his knee, his ACL and groaned again in agony. At this point we had arrived at the Peace Meeting site. I found that his pain was a 10 out of 10. We stopped there and I placed my hand on his knee and commanded it to be healed in Jesus' name and then a couple seconds later, he said "No way! No way! I don't even believe this. I don't believe in that." I told him that it was Jesus who healed him and that He was really real and He wants him to believe in and follow Him. We talked some more then I asked him if he could testify for others to see what Jesus did. He agreed. This is where the video comes in.

As you can tell, he was drunk too. He got some of the details mixed up so I tried to help him along. He also didn't sit down to test it out, but that makes no difference. We all remember things differently, especially when drunk, haha. And I can tell he tried to add a little showmanship by saying "Praise Jesus" and "Praise the Lord" a lot. He wasn't talking that way before or after the camera was on.

Broadway Promenade at The Forks, Winnipeg with the Esplanade Riel in the background

We talked a bit more after this and he started to become really broken up. He was almost in tears. I asked him if he would like to truly give his life to Jesus and to forsake his sins and to follow Jesus whole heartedly. He agreed. So we prayed. He let me pray over him after that and I bound any spirits of addiction and then asked Jesus to baptise him with the Holy Spirit. He sighed with relief and said that he really needed that. He said that he felt so good inside. He shared with me about how he was seriously contemplating suicide. He was thinking of jumping off a near by bridge. He said he won't be thinking that way any longer. He wouldn't stop hugging me. haha. Bless God!

Oh ya, he also told me that he was the brother of Adam Beach, the famous Anishinaabe actor who stars in the Windtalkers with Nicolas Cage. I honestly forget this man's first name. I think it was unique, which is why I forget it. He has my number though. So hopefully he calls and wants some discipleship.

Thank You Jesus for your goodness and grace. Make it a reality and a complete turn around in Mr. Beach's life. Amen!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

Music credit for the video:
Music: “I Know His Blood” by Vienna Ditto from the Free Music Archive
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