Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Repentance and Healing and Returning - In Jesus - 11-05-2013

Today I met a young man named Larken. He was hanging out at the skate park as I was walking through there on my afternoon break. He was a tall young first nations man with dark clothes and a black hoodie over his head.

I approached from behind him as he was bending over checking something out at the skate park and said "Hey, there." As he turned around to look at me, I saw a young man with a lonely and somewhat downcast look on his face, tattoos and piercings in his lower lip. He took out one of his earbuds and acknowledge me and gently responded.

I asked him if he had any pain in his body from skating or old injuries that would flare up. He told me about the pain in his feet and his back. He said the pain was at a level of 6 out of 10 and if he were to fall while skating it would jump up to a 9.

I asked if I could pray for him for healing. After a brief pause to think about it he said ok. With my hand on his shoulder I commanded any pain to leave his body and his body to be healed in the name of Jesus.

I asked him how it was now. He moved around a bit and hesitatingly said it felt a little better but remarked how he thought maybe it would go away later. I made sure to tell him that it was ok to be completely honest, if there was no change there is no change, that's ok. He confessed, saying that it was pretty much the same.

At this point he mentioned how he thought he needed to get his life in order. That he had been smoking weed and cigarettes and stuff. I told him about how I used to do that stuff too, and asked if he believed in Jesus. He said he did but wasn't really following. I remarked that I thought it was good that he recognizes that he needs to change. Speaking to him momentarily about heaven, hell and eternity and our choices and that the pot doesn't do anything but bring death and the Lord didn't want him doing that and suffering, but wants to give him peace, hope, life, etc. and not only in eternity but here and now. He seemed to agree.

I asked if I could pray again and he let me. This time with my hand on his lower back, I took a more forceful tone of authority and commanded every unclean spirit and the pain to leave him and for his body to be healed, speaking to the body parts individually in Jesus' name.

He checked and said the pain was now gone as he moved around his back and feet. He really didn't have much of a reaction though. I was excited inside! haha. I asked if he ever had anything like that happen to him. He said he didn't remember anything like that before. I also asked if it helped him to believe, or if it encouraged him. He said it does.

I spoke to him briefly about how the Lord loves him and is just waiting, with arms wide open, for him to return, and in fact the moment he turns to come back, He'll be right there to extend his grace and mercy to him. He then told me about how he had just lost his job two weeks ago, so I prayed for the Lord to open doors for him and for His favor to be on him. I assured him that He would do it.

I asked if he had a Bible. He mentioned that he was sure his Auntie had a bunch as he was living with her right now. I encouraged him to read the book of John and James but especially John and told him where to find it in the Book. It seemed as if he was genuinely interested and would try to read it. His countenance now had seemed to be brighter. Thanking him for letting me pray I departed back to work.

Brethren, if anyone among you wanders from the truth, and someone turns him back, let him know that he who turns a sinner from the error of his way will save a soul[f] from death and cover a multitude of sins. James 5:19-20

Draw him Lord and give him a sold out heart for you! Thank You Jesus!!!

Before I returned to the Lord back in 2006 after being wayward for 10 years, the Lord used to woo me to Himself as I would listen to this song. So much so that I would often weep : Creed - With Arms Wide Open

This one more so! : Creed - Faceless Man

The Hound of Heaven never relents! What a gracious, merciful, patient God!!!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

Monday, November 04, 2013

Hip Shifting, Some Healing and Pain Reduction - In Jesus - 11-04-2013

I met Emil and his wife today on my lunch break. He was walking with a cane. He had a problem with his left hip socket and pain there at a level of 4 out of 10. After asking if I could pray for his healing, I had his wife put her hand on his hip and then put my hand on her hand and commanded any unclean spirits and pain to leave him and commanded his hip to be healed and restored in the name of Jesus.

First he said he felt his hip move or shift. The pain went down to about a 1 out of 10. I commanded healing into his hip again but this time just while holding his hand. He said that the pain was now gone. I left them and then ran into them a few minutes later on my way back from my walk.

The pain had returned some. This time I thought to ask if I could film it as I prayed for him again. The pain reduced some more but wasn't completely gone. I let them go knowing that he will recover, Mark 16:17-18. He seemed to think it would be ok. They were both Christians.

Here is the video: Hip Shifting, Some Healing and Pain Reduction - 11-04-2013

As we departed he said to me, "Keep doing the good works." and offered to give me some money to buy myself a coffee.

Thank You Jesus for his complete recovery!

I was so tired today too. I felt weak, tired and grumpy, but I asked the Lord to use me anyway. Shortly after that is when I saw Emil and his wife walking toward me. My immediate comment was "Oh, sweet!". It is so fun co-laboring with the Lord, even when your body may be weak and tired and your soul may not want to.

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!