Friday, June 29, 2012

In Jesus - 06-29-2012

Went to meet some friends and some new friends in the Lord at a local park tonight. The idea was to go out and heal the sick, share words from the Lord, and invite people for prayer at a prayer tent we had setup. There were quite a few people touched by the Lord though our efforts.

I got the opportunity to command healing for a woman who had problems with her knee. It would act up when she walked or used the treadmill. After three times of commanding all pain to leave and commanding her knee to be healed in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, she could not find the pain any longer. She was worried it would return and wanted to go for a walk with her family to test it out. She came back a while later and still no pain, but she again re-iterated her fear that it would return. I just encouraged her to continue thanking Jesus for healing her.

I thought about it later and should have explained that sometimes the enemy will try to bring the same thing back on us. We can command it to go in Jesus' name and trust in and stand on His word, which is true. By His stripes we WERE healed. 1 Peter 2:24.

Her little boy, maybe 5 or 6, came up when I finished and told me he had a little pain in his right hand. He wanted it taken away and let me command it to go. He reported that all the pain was gone. So cute! haha.

One of my brothers in Christ, Trevor, got to command healing into a ladies back and after the first attempt she gave a surprised look and indicated "It's better!" After asking, she said it was 50% better. At that moment two people she was with came along and she no longer wanted any more healing. In instances like this, we can keep our faith active and believe and know that believers lay hands on the sick and they WILL recover, Mark 16:18, and that the work of healing will continue on, to full manifestation.

Some other testimonies that could have been shared here from the others, but I do not remember them well enough to give an accurate description.

Jesus was glorified and people were loved on and touched.

Thank you Lord!

In Jesus - 06-28-2012

As I stopped off at work to drop off a vacation time request form so I can get paid for at least a part of the almost no schedule they gave me this coming month, I ran into a man named Ranford who was walking to the washroom with a cane. I came up from behind him and put my hand on his back and said "Be well, sir, in the name of Jesus Christ". I got ahead of him and explained "I pray for people and God heals them". I asked him if his pain was in his back. It was. He said he felt it right now. I put my hand on his shoulder and commanded the pain to leave, then asked him how he felt. He smiled and said better. He was in a rush (hehe) so I let him go as we were standing at the entrance to the washroom.

Jesus is so good!

I am looking forward to the adventure ahead.

I WILL see blind eyes opened, the lame walking, lepers being cleansed, the dead being raised, deaf ears opened, and the poor having the gospel preached to them, and even greater! Matthew 11:5

God be glorified!!!

Matthew 10:7-8, Luke 9:1-2, Luke 10:17-20, John 14:12, Mark 16:15-18, Matthew 28:18-20

Thursday, June 28, 2012

In Jesus 06-27-2012

Tonight on my walk home:

First, I met Evelyn. She was drunk and sitting on a bench when she yelled out to me, asking me if I could flag down a cab for her. I told her I would go tell them to come get her as I knew where they usually sat and then asked if she knew about Jesus. She seemed to know but didn't want to talk about it. I asked her if she wanted to be free from the addictions and she did. She asked me to pray for her. After commanding the addictions to leave and speaking peace over her, she said "I feel free! My heart feels better. I feel clean!" I explained that was God, that he makes us new in our heart when he comes to live inside us. I shared with her what her part was now, and that was to trust in Jesus and call on Him for His help in not giving into the temptations that the devil will bring, to talk to Him and walk with Him. She had tears in her eyes and wanted to gave me a hug before I left. I let her and she kissed my ear at the same time. Such a sweet lady.

A little further on my way, I met Leaf who turned out to be a fellow brother in Christ who was putting out some seeds for the squirrels or chipmunks, I forget which. We shook hands as we found out we were family and I asked him about pain in his body to see if I could bless him. He said he had an injury in his right shoulder blade that would keep giving him aching pain but it wasn't there at the moment. I asked if I could pray for it to not come back and he turned slightly and said "Here, lay hands on it" I commanded it to be well and pain not to return in Jesus' name, then carried on my way.

I was just about home when I noticed a free parking spot in front of my apartment block. I parked my car a few blocks away a few nights ago so I went to go grab it. After parking the car, I overheard a man proclaiming in a loud voice, "There is no God, if there was a God my Mom wouldn't have suffered like she did. I don't believe there is a God anymore." I knew I had to go over and share the truth and love of Jesus.

It was Alex, Eric, and Katherine, sitting outside having some beers and hanging out. You could tell they were feeling it already. I approached and interjected in mid conversation as Alex was proclaiming his, now, unbelief in a God because of seeing what he saw his Mom go through. He had just finished saying "I don't believe there is a God, if there is a God, come strike me down now, mother(expletive)!" when I greeted them and began by saying that I overheard what he was saying and wanted to share the truth, that I believe in God and wanted to show them why.

Alex wanted to talk first and share why he felt the way he did. He talked for 15 or 20 minutes about how his Mother suffered from cancer and died from it, and that it was the first time he saw his Dad cry. It was heart breaking to say the least. Eric kept thanking me for my time as Alex continued and Katherine watched and listened also trying to get Alex to allow me to share what I came to do, hehe.

After listening to Alex, I was able to share the truth about Satan as the enemy, as well as the fallen nature of man and our separation from God and that the way to the God who loved him was Jesus. I explained that God also loved his Mother and did not have that plan for her. Alex wanted to talk again so I listened for a bit more and then I explained that I know God is real because he talks to me and heals people through me and then asked if I could prove that He was real to him. He said ok.

I had him sit down without knowing whether one of his legs was short or not. I figured if it wasn't I was going to command one to grow out and command it to go back in Jesus' name anyway. But sure enough, his right leg was short by about 3/4 of an inch. He was wearing flip flops which we took off so it was just his bare feet. Both Eric and Katherine got to verify and I told them to watch. I again reassured Alex, as I looked in his eyes, that God did not plan that for his Mom, and that one of the reasons that she suffered was that God's people did not step up and do what they were supposed to, what Jesus commanded us to do, to heal the sick. I apologized to him for that and told him to watch also.

I began to command his right leg to come out in Jesus' name. It took longer than any leg I've prayed for, a few minutes at least. We also talked a bit while it was coming out as I continued to hold them up. They were all noticing the gap decreasing and were becoming more and more silent. Eric was saying that he could not believe this was happening. I told them it usually is much quicker. I could have sworn it almost seemed as though Alex was trying to stop it from happening though, as I noticed he kept adjusting his right leg by bending his right knee a little bit and correcting his feet trying to make it go back to where it was. I kept commanding. Then Alex spoke up and said that maybe it wasn't coming out because of his own fault, saying "I guess I really must be an atheist". I told him it was my fault and apologized that my faith wasn't at that place it needed to be yet. The leg shot out the last 1/4 inch after that. I proclaimed what Jesus said to do, that the kingdom of heaven was at hand and the way into it was through faith in Him, that He was who He said He was, that He died and rose from the grave to set us free and restore us to God.

I then turned to Katherine and she let me pray for pain in her upper spine which she always has. She had a big scar back there. After commanding the pain to leave and her spine to be healed, I asked if she felt better and she nodded yes and said she felt a peace and a lightness come over her. I explained that Jesus is known as the Prince of peace and what she was experiencing was the presence of God on her. That He loves her and wants her to know Him and walk with Him. I told her I believed the pain would not return, she was very thankful and shook my hand.

I talked with Eric some and he said he was an atheist. I asked him how he could explain Alex's leg growing out and he said "What about it?", I said, "Well, it just grew out, that can't happen on its own". He said "No it didn't". I shared what I thought was going on with him by explaining the part of the parable of the sower where the devil takes away the seed that was sown, and that he was trying to do that very thing with him. I told him that God was good and that He would not force Himself on him. He would allow him to believe and choose as he chose to. He said that it was very admirable what I did in coming over to share what I felt was the truth but that he believed in science and that whatever someone believed, if it helped them, then all power to them. He said he respected me and my beliefs, either way. I blessed him and told him I loved him and respect him too. I gave him a side hug but he pulled away. I then said good bye to the other, and told them I loved them too. Alex replied "love you man" and Katherine replied "Good bye sweetie".

It was a good walk home. Thank you Jesus!!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Last 3 days In Jesus

Not too much went on this weekend. I went camping with a friend and didn't step out too much.

In case anyone is wondering, I am keeping this blog updated mostly to have a personal record of what God is doing in and through me. It will give me a way to look back on the past and maybe it will also encourage others to love and trust God more, to step out and love others more, and to see Him do wonderful things in and through themselves too.

Friday, June 22, 2012:
During break at work this day I had the opportunity to share the Gospel with a woman at the Broadway Prominade. Initially I asked if she had any pain or sickness in her body as I saw dried blood near her ear, but said she was healthy. I asked if she knew Jesus and she said "I know him as much as a person can, I guess". I shared about being born again, becoming one with the Spirit of God and receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. She was thankful and said that she would think about all of what was shared.

While sharing with the above woman, I noticed a man grab a seat on the bench near us so when I finished with her I approached him to ask if he had any pain in his body. He would not look at me and responded somewhat angrily that he had just had surgery and indicated that he was fine. I asked him if he knew God, if he knew Jesus. He didn't respond initially and I noticed his face contort slightly and could tell there was a lot of anger there. I asked again and he got mad, said angrily "Yes I know God! I'm roman catholic!" got up and stormed off in a rage. I thought maybe it was a devil afflicting him so I said to him as he walked away, "I set you free in Jesus' name, be free". I have a feeling I will meet this man again. During the weekend I believe the Lord was sharing with me that he was bound by the lies of lifeless religion, and that he needs the grace and love of Jesus Christ shared with him.

Saturday, June 23, 2012:
We were hanging out at our campsite and I overheard the neighbor speaking on his cell phone. He indicated that he had hurt his back very badly and was going to be heading back and to the hospital soon. A little while later I noticed that they were packing up and about to leave so I got up to go see if I could pray for the man before he left. He was with his son at the back of their camper putting the power cord back into the compartment made for it. He let me pray and after first attempt at commanding the pain to leave and his back to be healed, he didn't report a noticed difference. The situation then started to feel uncomfortable. My friend started over from our site, and he seemed to not want me to continue so much but I tried one more time real quick. I asked him again and there was still no change. I assured him that it would get better shortly and at the same time a woman who I assume was his wife who came out to help him and his son pack up and leave, also came around the camper. She said she had already given him some ibuprofen and seemed to want to protect him from me. It felt like a bit of a battle was going on in the spirit. I returned to my site and kept my trust in Jesus that the man will recover. Believers lay hands on the sick and they recover, Mark 16:18.

Sunday June 24, 2012:
We went to Rainbow Falls for a swim and I got to meet a man who had jumped off the rock into the water but didn't tuck his legs under him and as a result slammed down on the bottom on his feet and somehow caused some pain and swelling on his left shin just under the knee. He let me pray and the pain left right away. I said "That is Jesus." He thanked me and carried on his way.

Friday, June 22, 2012

In Jesus - 06-21-2012

In Jesus - 06-21-2012

I got to pray for a man's missing legs at lunch time. They didn't manifest yet. He was a Christian and really appreciated the talk and prayer.

After work:
I stopped in at Sobey's after work today to get some food for a weekend camping trip. While in the isle looking at the chips a man walked past me wearing a wrist brace.

I approached him and asked him what happened with his wrist and if he had tendonitis. He replied that it was carpal tunnel and that he had torn a ligament a little while ago. I asked him if I could show him something, holding out my hand to take his. He gave me a bit of a strange look and gave me his wrist. I put my other hand over it and commanded the wrist to be healed. I commanded carpel tunnel to go and the ligament to be restored in Jesus' name.

I asked him to test it and he responded that it was better. I asked how much better. 50% better, he replied. I asked if I could pray again. He shrugged and handed me his wrist a second time. This time he said it was better, as far as he could move it as he indicated he still had the brace on. I asked him to remove the brace and try moving it. He did so and started to tell me there was still a little something there. I grabbed it quickly and after the third time of commanding healing it was 100%.

I asked if he knew why that was possible and explained it was Jesus. He said, "Oh I know, I'm Roman Catholic". I got to share the gospel with him and explain what it meant to be born again then let him go.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In Jesus - Update 06-20-2012

In Jesus - Update 06-20-2012

During Morning Break:
I got to meet a woman named Georgette who was covered in a hospital blanket sitting in a wheelchair. She said she had terminal cancer. I assured her that was nothing for God to take care of. She let me command lymphoma to leave her body and healing to manifest. She didn't feel or notice any difference at the time but she assured me she believes she will be better tomorrow. I love when people have faith as such. I believe she will be well too. Jesus is faithful!!

I met a young man named Pav who laughed and tried to hide behind his laughing mother when I approached him to offer prayer for his needs. He had a bit of a jittery walk and I felt the need to go set him free. The way they were laughing, it seemed as though this sort of thing has happened a few times before. I didn't ask the reason though. I assured him I wouldn't hurt him, as I smiled at him. His mother nudged him toward me, in a way saying, "go, take it". When I asked what was his need, he said, aren't you supposed to know that? haha. That's awesome. I told him I just felt that God wanted to set him free and I was supposed to pray for him. He said nothing was wrong with his body but he wanted freedom from addictions. I commanded his freedom, breaking off the hold of addictions and releasing the peace and life of God on him and assured him of God's love for him. I should have spent a bit more time maybe explaining some things to him as far as his free will and choice in the matter but I left them to get back to work.

After leaving work:
I met Cole who was afflicted by Polio at a very young age. He was coming at me in a motorized wheelchair with a breathing apparatus. He let me command healing and life into his body. He didn't notice a change but he too said he believes tomorrow he will be better. Faith! I expect the same! Faithful Jesus!!

Heading back to my car after a walk in the park, I met a woman who had come out of the zoo on a scooter and was about to leave in. She said she couldn't walk for very long without pain. She didn't want my prayers. In spite of her daughters encouragement to take them. She says she has said enough prayers of her own. I explained that I see results though and gave her a number of the recent testimonies I've shared here. She still didn't want them. I patted her on the back and said "Well I bless you anyway". As I walked away I said "and I command that pain to leave your body too, in Jesus' name". Asking how she felt she said "Tired". I replied "well, you have a nice day" and went on my way.

Arriving home, I saw a girl at a bus stop near the apartment. I felt like the Lord wanted me to share something with her. I hadn't ever seen this girl before or even what she looked like but for some reason I had the idea she reminded me of a Christian girl I know. I was going to share with her the attributes I know this other girl has but when I said that I felt God wanted me to share something with her and asked if she would mind, she said "I would, sorry". I responded with "Well, you have a nice day anyway" and went home.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 days in Jesus

3 days in Jesus - A quick update on 13 testimonies!!

2 Days Ago:
At work, during break as we walked down the stairs together, putting my finger on his shoulder, I commanded pain to leave the left knee of a man I work with and Jesus made it go partially. Then I got to share the Gospel with him.

At Lunch time, as we walked across Main St. at Broadway, a Native man let me command his broken right foot to be well and Jesus took all his pain away. Since we were walking across the street, him with crutches, and me beside him, I didn't touch him at all, just spoke the word. The look on his face was great. Gospel shared there too.

1 Days Ago:
During break, a 40 year Christian of Aboriginal ancestry, named Noah, let me command his back to be well and Jesus took his pain away.

During lunch, ended up walking a route I've never taken before during a work lunch, not so much by my own will, haha! It felt like Holy Spirit was directing my path in a very real way. As a result, I ran into a man whom I've shared the Gospel with before. He was very encouraged as we talked, then letting me pray the peace of God over him. He took my number down as he wanted to talk further as he said I wasn't like other Christians he knows and wants to have what I have. It was a total God moment.

At break, I commanded pain to leave Jane's hip a couple times and Jesus took it away. She knew the Lord but the look on her face was classic. She did a double take as I left her to go back to work.

At lunch, while walking my normal route, I met a Native man who had never heard about what Jesus did for him. He was completely healthy. Initially he said he didn't want to hear the Gospel, but I shared anyway as I felt the need to. He was thankful, and gracious, and even shook my hand after I finished sharing.

Almost back at the building on my lunch walk I ran into Frank. He had a slight limp. I asked him if he had pain in his foot. He said he did. He broke it a while ago and the pain hasn't left. He didn't want to let me pray, but I felt the need to do it anyway. placing my hand on his shoulder without asking, I commanded the pain to go. He was also very gracious and reported that the pain was completely gone. He was amazed. I just told him "You see? That is Jesus. He is real and He is Lord" He said he would remember that. I left him with that.

At afternoon break, first while walking on my way out the building I met a Native Christian man named Peter with a noticeable limp and got to commanded pain to leave his previously broken hip and bad kidneys and Jesus took it all away. Thanking me as he walked off he kept lifting his left leg with ease. haha! Jesus you rock!

Then outside, seeing a Native woman being pushed in a wheel chair by a male, I rushed to catch up to them and got to command pain to leave her partially replaced knee which she had reported to have been operated on 6 times and also got to command feeling to be restored to her numb right foot. Jesus took the pain away and restored feeling to her right foot. She did not want to try walking though. She was speechless and for some reason would not look me in the face after that. The male was thankful. Gospel shared briefly.

Then as I turned to go back and leave those two precious souls, another woman in wheelchair pushed by a male! haha! Elma had arthritis in her body making it very hard to walk. She let me command pain to leave and Jesus took that away too. She also didn't want to try walking though. Gospel shared briefly again. They were both very thankful.

Leaving work:
Walking home I completely forgot that I drove my car part of the way to work this morning (still have to go back and get it, hahaha) and continued on past it. As a result, I ended up running into Larry who has scoliosis and pain in a muscle spasmed back. Commanded pain to leave and after about 5 or 10 minutes or so he felt 40% better. Walked with him a bit and had him sit down. Commanded his right leg to grow out as it was short by 3/4 of an inch. Jesus made it come out and more pain left him. Continued to be with Larry until he was about 70% better.

I left Larry to go talk to another man named Walter who was carving some alabaster into a little statue for who he said was the only other Christian to offer him prayer lately. Walter had broken his back at age 22 and was now 65 (I think). Commanded pain to leave and back to be restored, commanded his right leg and nerve to be made and function well as he complained of it feeling sensitive and almost as if it would drag as he walked. He would not update me on how it was doing for some reason. Got to love on him and encourage him. He had tears in his eyes as we connected. Gospel shared there too.

As I talked with Walter, Peter came walking up to say "Hi". He had wrist braces on both hands. He let me command pain in both wrists to go. It was initially a pain level of 9/10. We got it down to 6/10, then 2/10 the last time he updated me. He knew the Lord. Seemed to want to rush off after that.

I left Walter to say bye to Larry as he went to the store and was on his way back home and he reported that he thought it was 80% better now. We made a joke saying that we'd meet again tomorrow when he'll be jogging pain free and back perfectly straight. Larry knew the Lord too.

Thank you Jesus!!!

I am still frustrated with myself and my lack of faith, that Larry's back wasn't 100% and was also still visibly crooked. Also frustrated that a few of the people who reported pain gone still would not leave their wheel chairs to walk. In time I guess. Maybe it's time to fast a little.

More to follow.

Peace and love.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A kingdom

My first vblog testimony of some healings Jesus did through me today. Sorry for the poor quality of image and sound. Hope you enjoy and are encouraged to do the same.

Growing Out a Short Leg of a Buddhist in Jesus' Name - 06-16-2012

Luke 22:29, John 4:36, Colossians 1:27, Galatians 2:20
(Hint: If you are on my blog, you can hover your cursor over these scriptures to get a popup of them from

John G. Lake Ministries Divine Healing Technician Training

JGLM web site

Andrew Wommack Ministries web site

The Elijah Challenge
I haven't listened to all of this yet but it seems very good!
(Edit 06-30-2012: I did end up watching some more of this. There are some things I do not agree with so like anything else, eat the meat and spit out the bones. Update 09-18-2021 This original video series is no longer on their youtube so a newer playlist was made with a different but similar seminar.)

Hell's Second Best Kept Secret
This one is the same as The Elijah Challenge above but condensed to about 90 minutes. You could listen/watch this first to get an idea about what it is like before going through the whole thing.

Peace and love!