Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In Jesus - Update 06-20-2012

In Jesus - Update 06-20-2012

During Morning Break:
I got to meet a woman named Georgette who was covered in a hospital blanket sitting in a wheelchair. She said she had terminal cancer. I assured her that was nothing for God to take care of. She let me command lymphoma to leave her body and healing to manifest. She didn't feel or notice any difference at the time but she assured me she believes she will be better tomorrow. I love when people have faith as such. I believe she will be well too. Jesus is faithful!!

I met a young man named Pav who laughed and tried to hide behind his laughing mother when I approached him to offer prayer for his needs. He had a bit of a jittery walk and I felt the need to go set him free. The way they were laughing, it seemed as though this sort of thing has happened a few times before. I didn't ask the reason though. I assured him I wouldn't hurt him, as I smiled at him. His mother nudged him toward me, in a way saying, "go, take it". When I asked what was his need, he said, aren't you supposed to know that? haha. That's awesome. I told him I just felt that God wanted to set him free and I was supposed to pray for him. He said nothing was wrong with his body but he wanted freedom from addictions. I commanded his freedom, breaking off the hold of addictions and releasing the peace and life of God on him and assured him of God's love for him. I should have spent a bit more time maybe explaining some things to him as far as his free will and choice in the matter but I left them to get back to work.

After leaving work:
I met Cole who was afflicted by Polio at a very young age. He was coming at me in a motorized wheelchair with a breathing apparatus. He let me command healing and life into his body. He didn't notice a change but he too said he believes tomorrow he will be better. Faith! I expect the same! Faithful Jesus!!

Heading back to my car after a walk in the park, I met a woman who had come out of the zoo on a scooter and was about to leave in. She said she couldn't walk for very long without pain. She didn't want my prayers. In spite of her daughters encouragement to take them. She says she has said enough prayers of her own. I explained that I see results though and gave her a number of the recent testimonies I've shared here. She still didn't want them. I patted her on the back and said "Well I bless you anyway". As I walked away I said "and I command that pain to leave your body too, in Jesus' name". Asking how she felt she said "Tired". I replied "well, you have a nice day" and went on my way.

Arriving home, I saw a girl at a bus stop near the apartment. I felt like the Lord wanted me to share something with her. I hadn't ever seen this girl before or even what she looked like but for some reason I had the idea she reminded me of a Christian girl I know. I was going to share with her the attributes I know this other girl has but when I said that I felt God wanted me to share something with her and asked if she would mind, she said "I would, sorry". I responded with "Well, you have a nice day anyway" and went home.

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