Friday, June 22, 2012

In Jesus - 06-21-2012

In Jesus - 06-21-2012

I got to pray for a man's missing legs at lunch time. They didn't manifest yet. He was a Christian and really appreciated the talk and prayer.

After work:
I stopped in at Sobey's after work today to get some food for a weekend camping trip. While in the isle looking at the chips a man walked past me wearing a wrist brace.

I approached him and asked him what happened with his wrist and if he had tendonitis. He replied that it was carpal tunnel and that he had torn a ligament a little while ago. I asked him if I could show him something, holding out my hand to take his. He gave me a bit of a strange look and gave me his wrist. I put my other hand over it and commanded the wrist to be healed. I commanded carpel tunnel to go and the ligament to be restored in Jesus' name.

I asked him to test it and he responded that it was better. I asked how much better. 50% better, he replied. I asked if I could pray again. He shrugged and handed me his wrist a second time. This time he said it was better, as far as he could move it as he indicated he still had the brace on. I asked him to remove the brace and try moving it. He did so and started to tell me there was still a little something there. I grabbed it quickly and after the third time of commanding healing it was 100%.

I asked if he knew why that was possible and explained it was Jesus. He said, "Oh I know, I'm Roman Catholic". I got to share the gospel with him and explain what it meant to be born again then let him go.

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