Tuesday, June 19, 2012

3 days in Jesus

3 days in Jesus - A quick update on 13 testimonies!!

2 Days Ago:
At work, during break as we walked down the stairs together, putting my finger on his shoulder, I commanded pain to leave the left knee of a man I work with and Jesus made it go partially. Then I got to share the Gospel with him.

At Lunch time, as we walked across Main St. at Broadway, a Native man let me command his broken right foot to be well and Jesus took all his pain away. Since we were walking across the street, him with crutches, and me beside him, I didn't touch him at all, just spoke the word. The look on his face was great. Gospel shared there too.

1 Days Ago:
During break, a 40 year Christian of Aboriginal ancestry, named Noah, let me command his back to be well and Jesus took his pain away.

During lunch, ended up walking a route I've never taken before during a work lunch, not so much by my own will, haha! It felt like Holy Spirit was directing my path in a very real way. As a result, I ran into a man whom I've shared the Gospel with before. He was very encouraged as we talked, then letting me pray the peace of God over him. He took my number down as he wanted to talk further as he said I wasn't like other Christians he knows and wants to have what I have. It was a total God moment.

At break, I commanded pain to leave Jane's hip a couple times and Jesus took it away. She knew the Lord but the look on her face was classic. She did a double take as I left her to go back to work.

At lunch, while walking my normal route, I met a Native man who had never heard about what Jesus did for him. He was completely healthy. Initially he said he didn't want to hear the Gospel, but I shared anyway as I felt the need to. He was thankful, and gracious, and even shook my hand after I finished sharing.

Almost back at the building on my lunch walk I ran into Frank. He had a slight limp. I asked him if he had pain in his foot. He said he did. He broke it a while ago and the pain hasn't left. He didn't want to let me pray, but I felt the need to do it anyway. placing my hand on his shoulder without asking, I commanded the pain to go. He was also very gracious and reported that the pain was completely gone. He was amazed. I just told him "You see? That is Jesus. He is real and He is Lord" He said he would remember that. I left him with that.

At afternoon break, first while walking on my way out the building I met a Native Christian man named Peter with a noticeable limp and got to commanded pain to leave his previously broken hip and bad kidneys and Jesus took it all away. Thanking me as he walked off he kept lifting his left leg with ease. haha! Jesus you rock!

Then outside, seeing a Native woman being pushed in a wheel chair by a male, I rushed to catch up to them and got to command pain to leave her partially replaced knee which she had reported to have been operated on 6 times and also got to command feeling to be restored to her numb right foot. Jesus took the pain away and restored feeling to her right foot. She did not want to try walking though. She was speechless and for some reason would not look me in the face after that. The male was thankful. Gospel shared briefly.

Then as I turned to go back and leave those two precious souls, another woman in wheelchair pushed by a male! haha! Elma had arthritis in her body making it very hard to walk. She let me command pain to leave and Jesus took that away too. She also didn't want to try walking though. Gospel shared briefly again. They were both very thankful.

Leaving work:
Walking home I completely forgot that I drove my car part of the way to work this morning (still have to go back and get it, hahaha) and continued on past it. As a result, I ended up running into Larry who has scoliosis and pain in a muscle spasmed back. Commanded pain to leave and after about 5 or 10 minutes or so he felt 40% better. Walked with him a bit and had him sit down. Commanded his right leg to grow out as it was short by 3/4 of an inch. Jesus made it come out and more pain left him. Continued to be with Larry until he was about 70% better.

I left Larry to go talk to another man named Walter who was carving some alabaster into a little statue for who he said was the only other Christian to offer him prayer lately. Walter had broken his back at age 22 and was now 65 (I think). Commanded pain to leave and back to be restored, commanded his right leg and nerve to be made and function well as he complained of it feeling sensitive and almost as if it would drag as he walked. He would not update me on how it was doing for some reason. Got to love on him and encourage him. He had tears in his eyes as we connected. Gospel shared there too.

As I talked with Walter, Peter came walking up to say "Hi". He had wrist braces on both hands. He let me command pain in both wrists to go. It was initially a pain level of 9/10. We got it down to 6/10, then 2/10 the last time he updated me. He knew the Lord. Seemed to want to rush off after that.

I left Walter to say bye to Larry as he went to the store and was on his way back home and he reported that he thought it was 80% better now. We made a joke saying that we'd meet again tomorrow when he'll be jogging pain free and back perfectly straight. Larry knew the Lord too.

Thank you Jesus!!!

I am still frustrated with myself and my lack of faith, that Larry's back wasn't 100% and was also still visibly crooked. Also frustrated that a few of the people who reported pain gone still would not leave their wheel chairs to walk. In time I guess. Maybe it's time to fast a little.

More to follow.

Peace and love.

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