Monday, January 23, 2012

Divine healing teaching

I just wanted to share some teaching that I found a number of years ago before I started praying for the sick. This teaching is clear and simple and may help to rid you of some traditions that might have kept you as Christians from fulfilling what Jesus told the 12 (Matt. 10:7-8, Luke 9:1-6), the 70 (Luke 10:1-12, Luke 10:17-20), and ultimately us (Matt. 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-18, John 14:12-14) to do in fulfilling the Great Commission. If you read through these and look through the scriptures to confirm them, I believe you will find that it is quite different than what you may have been taught, what you may believe now, or may have believed in the past, depending on where you are in your understanding of divine healing and God's will in the matter.

I have had a lot of questions about divine healing of physical illness and I understand that I am not alone. I began to study the teachings of John G. Lake. Often, I found that I was ambivalent, wanting to believe that "Jesus heals them all" and yet observing the plight of many who seemed to believe in divine healing and yet were not healed, on this earth.   Why are only about 1 out of 20 receiving divine healing in this country, in spite of their faith?  Why were 75% healed in some other countries and under the ministry of John G. Lake?  Is it simply that they don't have any thing else to believe in but divine healing and we actually put our trust in everything but God?

Please understand that I was already commanding spirits of infirmity to go (vs. praying long prayers for healing) before I studied John G. Lake.  I saw a woman get out of a wheelchair after 37 years, dance and run.  I saw 2 other women with serious crippling arthritis healed instantly and run up and down the steps with ease. Recently, 4 out of 5 of the people I have prayed for with serious illnesses were healed instantly or that week!  I have prophesied the divine healing of a man with cancer, commanded the cancer to go and saw him healed that week.  His divine healing was documented, before - by x-ray and after - by cat scan. 

I was healed of 24 out of 26 diagnosed illnesses when I learned how to pray scripture daily. Read Carlotta's Testimony. The first divine healing that I prayed for was for my dog who needed knee surgery.  God healed him that day and surgery was cancelled.  I commanded a spirit of cancer to leave a neighbor and he was healed of Lung Cancer.  I don't claim to have all the answers. You definitely don't have to have great faith. In fact, sometimes I think that God heals unbelievers faster.  Its not really about us; its about Him.

Along with Kathryn Kuhlman and John G. Lake, I ask, "Why isn't everyone healed?"  If Jesus "healed them all," what is hindering divine healing today -- in us?  Is it important to repent, to root out the roots and to close open doors to the enemy, in order to be healed?  I thought I would ask you what you believe about divine healing.  I have a summary of many of John G. Lake's teachings on divine healing listed below. 

Are you ready to let God pinpoint your doubts about divine healing?  I have been shocked to find out that most people, who submit results, say they agree with most of these teachings from the book of St. Luke in the New Testament.

  • God's will is for us to expect to receive divine healing every time.
  • We are commanded to heal all of the sick; we do not need a special "leading or unction."
  • Every believer is already an "heir" of all the authority he needs to minister healing.
  • All believers can minister healing effectively; some have specialized gifts of healing.
  • God's desire is to heal all of our diseases just as He forgives all of our sins.
  • Jesus never asked Father God to heal anyone, He commanded healing and deliverance.
  • Jesus healed thousands at a time without requiring them to repent or believe first.
  • Great faith is not necessary or the key to receiving divine healing from disease.
  • The disciples did not "intercede" for healing; they commanded spirits of infirmity to leave.
  • Our traditions about healing have hindered us from demonstrating the power of God.
  • Unconfessed sins may make people sick but they do not keep them from being healed.
  • Jesus healed them all, regardless of their level of faith, if they wanted to be healed.
  • Jesus never tried to find the root cause of the illness or the sin that "opened the door."
  • Jesus was never prevented from healing due to the sin of their ancestors.
  • Jesus taught the disciples to command spirits of infirmity to leave rather than to intercede.
  • We command healing with the power of God impartiality and it flows every time.
  • We are not to judge who is confessed up, in faith and ready to be healed.
  • The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is given so that we will minister in the power of God.
  • We are commanded to lay hands on the sick and pray a prayer of faith (authority.)
  • The commandment to heal the sick is sufficient without a rhema word for each person.
  • Healing sometimes takes time to manifest, while miracles are usually instant.
  • Healing for every illness has already been provided in our salvation by the cross of Christ.
  • The only requirement for a person to receive healing is to want to be healed.
  • God is an equal opportunity healer and is never the cause of a delay of healing.
  • God will reveal any specific keys to divine healing readily, usually as soon as we ask.
  • God never causes illness to teach us a lesson; it is never His will for us to be sick.
  • God is willing to minister healing and creative miracles through any believer.
  • We are to command the power of God without picking and choosing who is worthy.
  • We have authority to cast out even the devils that people think they want to keep.
  • We can receive gifts by the "laying on of hands and impartation" from other believers.
  • N.T. believers initiated divine healing and deliverance at will and the anointing flowed.
  • Signs and wonders follow our belief vs. we wait for a new command every time.
  • As believers, we cannot increase our healing anointing except by exercising it.
  • Believers already have 100% of the Holy Spirit -- all that we will ever have.
  • Christ, in me, is always instantly available to destroy the works of the devil though me.
  • God will heal through any believer, because it is not about us, but about His goodness.
  • Every believer is God's child, man's servant and the devil's master.
  • We don't beg God for their healing; we proclaim freedom for the captives or prisoners.
  • There is no one who is so bad that God will not heal them.
  • The main hindrance to receiving healing, is believing that there are hindrances to healing.
  • Because Christ is in me, I already have all the power and anointing that I will need.
  • God's anointing abides within me, is always ready to heal and is always on.
  • God has healed me every time that I commanded spirits of infirmity to leave me.
  • God has healed most of the people that I have ministered divine healing to.
  • God never withholds any good thing from me and will heal me every time I ask.
  • God will heal every believer -- until He is ready to take them home to Heaven.
  • Sickness is the devil's work and Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.
  • We do have to maintain our healing with faith, even if we didn't have faith to be healed.
  • Returning to sin can enable spirits of infirmity to come back on us.
  • We must exercise our authority, refusing to receive spirits of infirmity back again. 

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Be encouraged!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

"That is good! Jesus is going to heal her!"

I went back to the same store I was at yesterday and as I was entering I noticed a woman in a wheel chair sitting in the entrance waiting to leave. I rushed in to get my stuff as the store was about to close and as I left the woman was still there waiting to leave. She was an elderly East Indian lady who couldn't speak any english, sitting there with her granddaughters. I told them that I pray for people and God heals them and asked if I could do that for her. The granddaughter closest to her was very welcoming to my prayer request. I asked her why she was in the wheel chair, and the granddaughter whispered "She has throat cancer." This was totally not the kind of response I would have normally expected but I immediately got very excited and grew this huge grin on my face. Pausing for a couple seconds, I then said "That is good! Jesus is going to heal her!" The granddaughter started to have this concerned look on her face when I first started to smile, but after I told her that, she also grew a huge grin, haha! I placed my hand on the elderly ladies neck after asking the granddaughter if it was ok and commanded the spirit of cancer to leave and her throat to be healed. The grandmother was so sweet. She just sat there and smiled so nicely looking up at me. haha! I asked the granddaughter if the grandmother felt anything after I prayed and she spoke to her in her native tongue. The granddaughter said she felt a little something going on in there. I told the granddaughters how the night before Jesus healed a man's knee in front of a line up at the Deli register. She said "That's pretty amazing." I explained that as a Christian we have the Spirit of God in us and because Jesus died on the cross for our sins and our sickness, this is why we can be forgiven of our sins and others can be healed through us. I explained that Jesus was the only way to God and asked her if she knew this. She did not. I told her that she will see that her grandmother will be ok and she will know that it was Jesus who did it. The two granddaughters had such joy on their faces after hearing this and thanked me for praying. I left with such joy and glee! haha! This is truly some of what I was created for! I know my Father always hears me and the elderly lady will be fully healed! I felt like the Lord was telling me that the family will become saved afterwards as a result of the grandmother being healed. I believe you Lord!! You are amazing JESUS!!!

Deli register healing

I stopped at a store for some sushi yesterday on my way to a local park. There was a man standing near the deli register who I noticed had a cane and was waiting for his son to come bring their shopping cart. I could tell the man was in a lot of pain. His son brought the cart in and put it near his father. The man gave his son $2 dollars as a reward and the son said thanks, then the man feebly grabbed his coffee and sandwich that was on the counter and slowly moved to put his items in the cart. It was evident how little he could do without pain. I finished paying for my food and turned around to ask the man if I could pray for him. I told him "I pray for people and God heals them." He didn't hear me the first time (probably speaking too softly for fear of others hearing.... haha) so I had to speak up and repeat what I said. He said "absolutely, I would love that" with thankful expectation. He thanked me for even stopping to make the time to do such a thing. I just said "Well, God loves us and wants us to show that love to others." I introduced myself, found out his name, that he was a Christian and that it was his left knee that was the problem. I took his right hand to shake it, held onto it and prayed right there next to the line of people waiting to pay at the same register. I could see one young man in particular take notice and that he tried moving as far away as he could but still stay in line to pay. He gave that look people give when I imagine they are thinking *what a strange person*. haha! I thanked Jesus for the man, for being our healer, savior and a few other things and then proceeded to command the pain to leave and the knee to be healed. I asked the man to test it out. He seemed surprised that I would ask him to do that as I imagine others had prayed and nothing had happened. He moved his leg about a little, putting pressure on it and with excited surprise, said a few times "It's better, it's getting better". I asked him how much better. He said about 75%. He seemed in a bit of a rush to go thinking that was all I'd do, but I said that I didn't want to leave him until it was all healed and asked if I could pray again. I checked to see if it was ok to put my hand on his knee this time though. The young man who noticed earlier was now at the register paying and had turned around to give another look to see what was going on. He was close enough to hear it all. haha. I commanded the knee to be healed and restored and had the man test it out again. He mentioned before trying it out that he didn't think that he would get rid of the cane yet (devil speaking to him) and proceeded to tested it out. He was surprised again. I asked if there was still some pain and he said yes. I asked to pray again, affirming that Jesus had to pray more than once for a blind man and He was the Son of God. He agreed. I finished that off and the man had such a huge grin on his face and basically yelled out "Thank you so much!" put out his hand to shake mine again and turned around to get going. I let him go this time, said "God bless you!" patted him on the back, he said the same, and we parted ways.

Thinking about it later. I should have spoke up to the people in line and said "Jesus just healed a man's leg here. He is real and loves you all and wants to heal you too. Does any one have anything they'd like healed or would like to ask Jesus to be their Lord and Savior?" haha! That's for next time!

Jesus is so awesome!!!!