Sunday, January 22, 2012

Deli register healing

I stopped at a store for some sushi yesterday on my way to a local park. There was a man standing near the deli register who I noticed had a cane and was waiting for his son to come bring their shopping cart. I could tell the man was in a lot of pain. His son brought the cart in and put it near his father. The man gave his son $2 dollars as a reward and the son said thanks, then the man feebly grabbed his coffee and sandwich that was on the counter and slowly moved to put his items in the cart. It was evident how little he could do without pain. I finished paying for my food and turned around to ask the man if I could pray for him. I told him "I pray for people and God heals them." He didn't hear me the first time (probably speaking too softly for fear of others hearing.... haha) so I had to speak up and repeat what I said. He said "absolutely, I would love that" with thankful expectation. He thanked me for even stopping to make the time to do such a thing. I just said "Well, God loves us and wants us to show that love to others." I introduced myself, found out his name, that he was a Christian and that it was his left knee that was the problem. I took his right hand to shake it, held onto it and prayed right there next to the line of people waiting to pay at the same register. I could see one young man in particular take notice and that he tried moving as far away as he could but still stay in line to pay. He gave that look people give when I imagine they are thinking *what a strange person*. haha! I thanked Jesus for the man, for being our healer, savior and a few other things and then proceeded to command the pain to leave and the knee to be healed. I asked the man to test it out. He seemed surprised that I would ask him to do that as I imagine others had prayed and nothing had happened. He moved his leg about a little, putting pressure on it and with excited surprise, said a few times "It's better, it's getting better". I asked him how much better. He said about 75%. He seemed in a bit of a rush to go thinking that was all I'd do, but I said that I didn't want to leave him until it was all healed and asked if I could pray again. I checked to see if it was ok to put my hand on his knee this time though. The young man who noticed earlier was now at the register paying and had turned around to give another look to see what was going on. He was close enough to hear it all. haha. I commanded the knee to be healed and restored and had the man test it out again. He mentioned before trying it out that he didn't think that he would get rid of the cane yet (devil speaking to him) and proceeded to tested it out. He was surprised again. I asked if there was still some pain and he said yes. I asked to pray again, affirming that Jesus had to pray more than once for a blind man and He was the Son of God. He agreed. I finished that off and the man had such a huge grin on his face and basically yelled out "Thank you so much!" put out his hand to shake mine again and turned around to get going. I let him go this time, said "God bless you!" patted him on the back, he said the same, and we parted ways.

Thinking about it later. I should have spoke up to the people in line and said "Jesus just healed a man's leg here. He is real and loves you all and wants to heal you too. Does any one have anything they'd like healed or would like to ask Jesus to be their Lord and Savior?" haha! That's for next time!

Jesus is so awesome!!!!

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