Sunday, January 22, 2012

"That is good! Jesus is going to heal her!"

I went back to the same store I was at yesterday and as I was entering I noticed a woman in a wheel chair sitting in the entrance waiting to leave. I rushed in to get my stuff as the store was about to close and as I left the woman was still there waiting to leave. She was an elderly East Indian lady who couldn't speak any english, sitting there with her granddaughters. I told them that I pray for people and God heals them and asked if I could do that for her. The granddaughter closest to her was very welcoming to my prayer request. I asked her why she was in the wheel chair, and the granddaughter whispered "She has throat cancer." This was totally not the kind of response I would have normally expected but I immediately got very excited and grew this huge grin on my face. Pausing for a couple seconds, I then said "That is good! Jesus is going to heal her!" The granddaughter started to have this concerned look on her face when I first started to smile, but after I told her that, she also grew a huge grin, haha! I placed my hand on the elderly ladies neck after asking the granddaughter if it was ok and commanded the spirit of cancer to leave and her throat to be healed. The grandmother was so sweet. She just sat there and smiled so nicely looking up at me. haha! I asked the granddaughter if the grandmother felt anything after I prayed and she spoke to her in her native tongue. The granddaughter said she felt a little something going on in there. I told the granddaughters how the night before Jesus healed a man's knee in front of a line up at the Deli register. She said "That's pretty amazing." I explained that as a Christian we have the Spirit of God in us and because Jesus died on the cross for our sins and our sickness, this is why we can be forgiven of our sins and others can be healed through us. I explained that Jesus was the only way to God and asked her if she knew this. She did not. I told her that she will see that her grandmother will be ok and she will know that it was Jesus who did it. The two granddaughters had such joy on their faces after hearing this and thanked me for praying. I left with such joy and glee! haha! This is truly some of what I was created for! I know my Father always hears me and the elderly lady will be fully healed! I felt like the Lord was telling me that the family will become saved afterwards as a result of the grandmother being healed. I believe you Lord!! You are amazing JESUS!!!

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