Friday, July 26, 2013

Freedom From Coughing Habit - In Jesus - 07-25-2013

I was so encouraged when I got home from work tonight to check my phone messages. Brought tears to my eyes, to be honest with you. I just love seeing the Lord heal and touch people.

On my walk home from work last night, I noticed an older man whom I approached one other time to pray for maybe a year or so ago. He had a cane and was in pain. He also reported getting short on breath very easily, not being able to go very far without resting. He said things were getting worse. I asked him if it was his heart, and he said the doctors wanted to do a knee replacement surgery but they didn't because they said his heart was too weak for it. Well, he let me pray again and didn't report any improvement immediately. He did say that he would know once he walked some though. While I prayed for him I noticed he kept making these noises with his throat, almost as if he was clearing it or coughing slightly. At first I thought that he was manifesting a demon and while praying, I was commanding any unclean spirits to leave him. He continued to make the noises though. I asked him about it and he said that a while ago he had a cold with a cough but that the cold had left and the habit of making that noise stayed. He said he didn't have any problems or pains in his throat, but it was like a habit he couldn't stop. I commanded the habit to stop, and released freedom to him in the name of Jesus Christ, and then we talked for a little bit more. He wanted my number so that I could pray for him some more, as well as for his brother who was very ill with a number of health issues and had to go to the hospital just recently. I gave him my number, but prayed right there for his brother with him present, commanding him to be healed and restored in the name of Jesus. We then parted ways and as I left him I noticed that he had not made that noise with his throat for the last few minutes that we had talked.

Back to getting home and checking my messages. He left me a message today letting me know that he had not coughed at all, all day. He said that it was a miracle and the prayer worked somehow. haha! Glory to Jesus!! He also reported that he spoke with his brother and that he was in good spirits. He said his brother went to the doctor and they said they weren't taking any more appointments right away but he thought he felt good enough so he didn't make a future appointment. I just command complete healing to him right now, in Jesus' name! Thank You, Lord! It appears his sister in law also has a lot of need for prayer; 80% blind, fibromyalgia, arthritis, bursitis. I already prayed for her, but we'll see if I need to meet with them, if that is their desire.

Earlier tonight, I also got to pray for a Shrink, as he called himself, whom I met on my break. He said he was agnostic but welcomed the prayer very readily and said many people were praying for him. He said he had seen many miracles in his career as a 'Shrink' and it sounded as if he believed they were authentic. I guess he just wasn't willing to take up his own cross and follow the Lord yet, why he said he was agnostic? He had been in a plane accident back in April and broke his right leg. He said there was no pain, but they were probably going to be taking the cast off next week. He said that they were just waiting for the calcium to build up. I commanded the bone to be completely mended and that no trace of the break would be left, to confound the doctors. He smiled and nodded his head and we parted ways.

I also got to pray for one of my co-workers who had left early from work as she wasn't feeling well. I caught her on the way out as I was heading back during the same break where I met the Shrink. She nodded her head 'yes' and thanked me, when I asked if she was feeling better after laying hands on her shoulder and commanding the sore throat and headache to go away in Jesus' name.

Glory to You, Lord most high!!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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