Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Knee Pain Healed, Leg Grows Out and Back Pain Healed - In Jesus - 07-08-2013

Tonight during my lunch break I met a young man and woman. They were out walking and looked as if they were just taking a break from a jog as they both had running gear on. I noticed that the young man had a tensor type knee brace on his right knee. I approached them to see if he had pain in it. He reported that he did. I explained that I pray for people for healing and God heals them. I asked if I could do that for him. He seemed very thankful and said yes but was about to continue walking. I asked if I could do so right now. He said sure. I asked him his name and if it was ok to put my hand on his knee and he said sure. I spoke to the knee in the name of our Lord, and commanded all pain and infirmity to leave. I had him try to look for the pain. It was gone. Jesus had done it again. I love Him! I thought they would be Christians and after asking I found that I was right. I explained to them about how they could do the very same thing as they had the same Spirit of God that lived inside them. I also gave them a few parts of passages of scriptures to confirm what I was saying was biblical (Matt.10:7-8, Matt.28:18-19, Mark 16:16-18, John 14:12) as to be honest, it didn't seem like the young man believed that it was possible for him to do the same thing. I explained that sometimes we believe, or are taught, or pick up things that aren't true and that can hinder us from doing the same things that Jesus did. I explained how I used to believe that people had to repent of their sins before they could be healed, and that just is not true. Not in most cases at least. Not saying that it won't be necessary in some. They were both very thankful and we parted ways with happy salutations between brothers and a sister in the Lord.

At my last break of the evening, I had walked past a young couple who were sitting at a certain spot. I thought the Lord was telling me that the young man had one leg shorter than the other. I continued past them and then on my way back I decided I was going to approach them. As I was doing so, they had both got up from the spot they were sitting at and started to walk toward a nearby bench while he had his hand wrapped around to his back and appeared to be massaging it as if there was pain there. 'Perfect!', I thought. I walked up to the young man as he sat down on the bench and he looked at me strangely. hehe. I said, "This might be a bit of a weird question but do you get a lot of lower back pain?" He said he did. I told him how I felt like God told me that he had a shorter leg and this was the cause of why he experiences the lower back pain. The young lady said, "Well, lets just check out your legs to see if one is shorter then", with a big grin on her face. I knelt down in front of him and had him scoot his butt all the way to the back of the bench. I held up his legs with his heels together and spread his toes outward so they could see the length at the heels. His right leg was shorter by about a half an inch. He said something like, "Wow, that's crazy." I said, "Ok, watch this." I commanded the right leg to grow out in the name of Jesus and in about 5 seconds it was the same length as the other and the back pain was gone. They were dumbfounded. And I was excited, haha! That never gets old. I explained why that was possible and who did that for them. They were not Christians. He said something to the effect that he had tried to believe before but had doubts. He said that this confirmed it for him and that he really believed that Jesus was real now. I shared a quick gospel message with them and explained what they must do to be saved and how to continue to follow and grow in Him. I didn't feel to pressure them to pray with me right then and there. They were both very thankful.

Thank You, Lord, for using me. For Your glory, Lord, MORE!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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