Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A whole lotta pain leaves - In Jesus - 07-22-2013 & 07-23-2013

Today during lunch I got to pray for an older gentleman who was walking with a cane and with his wife. The pain went down 50% right away, I said one more quick prayer and he said it was getting better. I told him I believe it will continue to go away until no pain is left. He was very happy and thankful.

I also got to pray for a man who I saw sitting on one of those walker/seat combo deals. He said he was a pastor and who had been in a car accident, then he got a flu shot and it messed him up. While I prayed for him he started to fall asleep. It was odd to say the least. I prayed a couple times then told him that Jesus Christ heals him and that he will recover. I left him and then on my way back a few minutes later noticed he was now gone.

Yesterday, walking In Jesus, He healed or took the pain partially away from 4 different people:

First one older lady with pain in her knee, the pain completely left her after 3 quick commanding prayers in Jesus' name. She was with her family who all seemed to be Sikh. She was sitting in one of those walker/seat deals when I approached them all. I didn't get the chance to share the gospel with them, but they heard me praying in Jesus' name and I think the Lord working the miracle for her spoke for itself. The children were very attentive. They had to get right in there and listen to me and see what exactly I was doing. An older son of hers who was standing behind her while she was sitting in her walker was translating for me when I would ask if the pain was gone yet, he would say, "Yes, some pain gone, pray more", in his heavy accent. haha! Once the pain was gone the elderly woman smiled slightly and then I just put my hands to heaven and said "Thank You, God!" The older son who was translating almost did the same thing. They were very thankful.

I met a young man who had hurt his ankle skateboarding. The pain was at about a 6/10. It left after the first commanding prayer and he was a bit excited. He tried to do some tricks on his skateboard, but then the pain came back. It was less though. At about a 4/10. I prayed a couple more time and told him that I believe it will all go away very shortly. He was a Christian and said he was just praying for it moments before I met him. I encouraged him to step out and pray for his friends and that the more he does it, the more he will see things happen.

Also yesterday, almost at home at the end of the day, I noticed a couple native ladies, one with a walker and another with a cane. I ran inside, to drop off my stuff then went out to meet them. The Lord grew out the one ladies leg who had the walker by 1/2 inch or more and the pain was completely gone from her back. It took a long time for the leg to come out though. Maybe a minute or more. I then prayed for the other woman with the cane and the arthritis pain left her back right away. She also started to feel tingles all over her body. I explained that that was a common manifestation of the Holy Spirit. It remained for the rest of the time I spoke with them. They were all Christians. I also got to pray for the young woman who was with them. She said she gets lots of headaches. I just put my hands on her head and in the Lord's name, commanded all the headaches to go and never return. I also had the sense she had problems sleeping, and when asked she said "Yes, sometimes". I told her that would stop too. When I was finished praying for them, I felt the need to share about how they too can command the sickness and pain to leave their own bodies or they could pray for each other in His name. I explained why it was possible and if they just believe and trust Jesus they will see the same results. The one woman who had the leg grow out, then reported that the pain had returned and it was just as bad as before. She said "See, it's a stubborn pain and it will never leave." I prayed a couple times but no change. I commanded any spirits of infirmity to go as well, but didn't see any more change. I thought to ask her if she was holding any unforgiveness or resentment towards anyone but she reported that she always lets go of it right away. I told her that I will keep believing that it will completely leave and that she needs to not agree with what the enemy is trying to tell her, in that it will never leave, especially by speaking those words out herself. They were very thankful.

I love getting the opportunity to minister to people. Use me more, Lord!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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