Friday, July 12, 2013

Knee Pain Goes, Leg Grows Out - In Jesus - 07-12-2013

A few days ago I overheard a man I work with talking about pain in his knee. I didn't get the chance to approach him as he was leaving as I was starting and the moment never felt right. Today I was sitting at my desk and he walked past and said have a good night to me and others near me. I said the same to him. I felt as if I should approach him today and was going to get up to follow him as he left. I turned to look over the cubical and noticed that he was standing at the end with a bit of a confused look on his face. As I looked at him he said "Did someone call my name?" I smiled and waved at him to come to me. I asked him about his pain in his knee and if I could pray for him. He said sure. I put my hand on his knee and commanded the pain to go and the knee to be healed in Jesus' name. He thanked me and I told him to check it out. He said "It sure couldn't hurt." I re-iterated, "Test it out, try to find the pain." He looked at me with a surprised look on his face and said, "Before you asked me I had pain right here" and he pointed to it, "and now it is gone." I nodded at him and put my hands in the air as if to worship the Lord and said, "You see. He's real and He wants you to know Him." He thanked me again and said "Now I am going to be able to sleep tonight." He walked away and I looked over the cubical at him as he left and he said thank you again and mentioned again how it really feels good. Haha! I loved that he thought he heard someone call his name. I wonder if it was either the Lord, or his angel? It made me giggle a number of times as I thought about it throughout the remainder of my shift. Glory!

Tonight after work I went for a walk by the Assiniboine Park and came across a young couple sitting at a bus stop bench. I approached them and asked if they had any pain or sickness in their bodies. They did not. I explained why I asked and they just re-iterated that nothing was wrong with them. I asked if either of them knew if they had a shorter leg than the other. I looked at the boy and he said, "No, I'm pretty sure they are the same length." I asked him if we could check and directed him to scoot his butt all the way to the back of the bench. Sure enough, his left leg was short by about a 1/4 of an inch, maybe more. I had the girl get up and look and then showed him. I then commanded the left leg to grown out in Jesus' name. It came out in about 15-30 seconds. I asked him if he could feel anything in his leg as it was slowly coming out. The boy said that he believed in Jesus. I explained a few things to him and encouraged him that he could do the same things in Christ and that in fact Jesus wanted to work through him to be a light to the world and salt to the earth. He said his theology professor told him about this kind of miracle happening before. His mom pulled up at that point and we parted ways.

Thank You for using me, Lord!

Grace, peace and love, in Jesus Christ!

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