Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In Jesus - 08-29-2012

I saw a man sitting by with a cane so I approached him. Vern had a complete knee replacement and osteoarthritis pain which showed up mostly when it was cold. He let me pray for him. I command the arthritis pain, all infirmity and any unclean spirits to leave him and not return in Jesus' name. As well I prayed for his knee to be transformed back into, or recreated as a new bone knee. I could tell something was leaving him as I prayed. After prayer he said he felt wonderful. He reported feeling lighter. We talked about Jesus, repentance and salvation and after answering some of his questions, he said that he was going to go back to church this Sunday after not attending one since he was a young man. He said that he was very glad that we had the conversation that we did.

I notice a man who walked with a noticeably crooked walk. I approached him and asked if he had back pain. He confirmed and I explained many times the reason was a shorter leg or body being out of alignment. His name was Bill and he let me pray for back pain to leave and a short right leg by about 1/2 an inch to grow out. I had him sit down on a near by bench and commanded his leg to grow out in Jesus' name as I held up his legs showing him the evidence of the shorter leg. It eventually came out to be the same length as the other. As well the pain left him. The funny thing about this situation was, that it was being stubborn and not coming out. I noticed that Bill was praying so I told him that he did not have to pray. I then continued to command and it still did not come out. I was distracted by a sound made by a vehicle and looked up at the vehicle and so did Bill. It was at this moment that his leg shot out, haha! He felt it come out and immediately reported it feeling better. He was thankful and said that I gave him a polar massage? I assured him it was Jesus who healed him and explained why. He was a catholic man who said he was born again. I shared with him that he could do the same for his friends and family.

Thank you Jesus!

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