Thursday, August 09, 2012

Healing Brings Joy, Testimony Updates, and Rejection - In Jesus - 08-09-2012

Today on my way to work I got to pray for a Christian man who had back pain. Some of the back pain left but most of all he said he felt very uplifted and was thankful for the prayer.

I then got to pray for a woman on my way home from work who had pain in her right foot. The pain left after 2 short prayers of commanding the pain to leave in Jesus' name. First one with my hand on her shoulder and the next I just pointed at her foot and command it to go. She was a Christian too and was very happy after that.

I also have a couple follow up testimonies from people I prayed for yesterday:

I met the young man from yesterday who was beat up and robbed and he still had no pain. I got to bless him with a gift of some money to fill his belly with some food.

I spoke to the young man I work with and the cyst in the back of his throat was almost gone. Thank you Jesus! I told him that if it is not completely gone tomorrow we'll pray again. He was ok with that.

I got rejected by a few people also... I am continuing to ask and believe for words of knowledge to assist in this. Thank you Holy Spirit!

God bless y'all!

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