Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Press On! - In Jesus - 08-08-2012

I awoke this morning to find an email from my Mom that my Dad had been taken to an out of town hospital with chest pains yesterday afternoon. After some blood tests the doctors there said he had a heart attack. I went to work with faith and trust in God as healer and commanded healing for him from where I was. I was angry at the devil for this as I felt as if it was a direct attack against my family for me stepping out lately as I have been. I wasn't going to let that deter me. I found out once I got home from work that he is doing very well even saying he feels like going back to work, but they are wanting to do a scan tomorrow morning to see if there is still a blockage. Thank you to those of you on Facebook who prayed as well. Love y'all! I am believing they will find nothing or that the Lord will use this for His glory beyond what I can imagine. Jesus you are so good!

Today during my morning break I approached a young man who I thought had some pain as I saw him stretching while on his bmx at a skate park. He did not, but was a Christian so I encouraged him explaining that we as Christians can all go heal the sick, cleans lepers, raise the dead and cast out devils (Matt. 10:7-8) and that is what Jesus called us to do (See here, and here). While I spoke with him his friend walked up to us and I found that he had been beaten up and robbed just a day or two ago. He said he had pain all over; back, leg, hip, his head. He let me command healing for him while his friend witnessed and got a little real life training and the young man said it was a bit better but said that the pain moved around to different spots of his body. I commanded a spirit of infirmity to leave him and he said all pain was gone. I later met him at my second break of the day and he was still pain free. Thank you Jesus!

At lunch I prayed for another man who had a problem where his ears could not register sound at the 40 db range. After prayer he couldn't test it out as just then his tour group returned and he had to go. He was a bus driver waiting for their return. Besides I don't know how we'd test that! haha.

I also got to pray for another gent who said he had pains from time to time in different places, but none at that time. He let me command the pain to not return in Jesus' name. I believe he'll be well!

I got to pray for a young man I work with who had a cyst in his mouth and the weren't sure what it was referring him to a specialist. As I commanded the cyst to be gone in Jesus' name, he started to feel very hot and started to sweat. I explained that can be a common thing when God is healing a person. I am waiting to hear the good report!

I approached a number of other people during the day, at least 6 or more, all of whom rejected me, some very vehemently, one woman even threatening to arrest me? She was a postal worker. I guess she meant a citizen arrest? I don't know. I blessed them all anyway!

In the evening I met up with a brother in Christ, Cliff (Hi Cliff, haha!) to pray for his back and after many times commanding healing and laying hands on him, he reported some improvements. Thank you Lord that you will complete it! After all, it is 'by whose stripes we WERE healed' (1 Peter 2:24 Past tense). It was already done 2,000 years ago. So thank you Jesus that Cliff is already healed! I did notice his left leg was short by a couple of millimeters (Yes, that minute of a difference, haha) and that grew out instantly when commanded to do so in Jesus' name. He felt stretching in his knee as it came out. I also got to encourage him by showing him how I step out to love on people as I approach them to heal them in Jesus.

First I noticed a man walk into the mall with a brace on his leg and some crutches. I saw him go into a store with his girlfriend or wife but wanted to wait for them to come out. Somehow we missed them, so we went for a walk to meet people and bless them. We got to pray for an older gent in Walmart (bag checker at the doors) who had arthritis pain all over, he said all pain was gone after 2 quick prayers. I felt he still had some issues (judging by his walk), but since he was working, I felt to just let him go. He seemed very blessed as it looked like tears in his eyes as he thanked me, Thank you Jesus! We then got to pray for a girl who had a torn ACL. She reported some improvement but seemed to want to get moving quickly so we let her go. Cliff and I were pretty much saying good bye and then the same man with the brace and crutches came walking up right behind us, haha. Thank you Jesus! We got to command his tibia to be completely healed and strengthened in Jesus' name. He was getting it checked out tomorrow I think to see if it was fully healed. He had no pain to begin with, but was a little afraid to put much weight on it to test it after prayer. Believing the doctors will find no fracture or trace of it in Jesus' name! We also approached a few other people who were obviously being oppressed by the devil, but most of whom did not want any prayer.

Thank you Lord for today! Be glorified more and more through us Jesus!

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