Monday, August 06, 2012

2 backs healed and 1 soul brought into the kingdom of God - In Jesus - 08-05-2012

Tonight my brother in Christ, Trevor and I went for a walk and got the opportunity to pray for and minister to a number of people.

The first few people that we approached either didn't have any problems in their bodies or didn't want any prayer even though they did have problems. For whatever reason, I find that it is usually the Christians who don't want prayer when they have problems in their bodies. I don't understand that. Since we weren't having much success, I decided to ask the Holy Spirit for some words of knowledge and to use us for the glory of God. I have been asking for words of knowledge for a while but don't seem to get them very often.

Shortly after that, we ran into one young catholic man who didn't have any problems in his body, but after we encouraged him by sharing some testimonies and explaining that we can all, as believers in Christ, go out and heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out devils, and walk just as Jesus and the other disciples did in the Bible (Matt. 10:7-8, John 14:12, Mark 16:15-18) he wanted contact later so I could get some training material into his hands so he could learn to heal the sick in Jesus' name. I made a mental note of his email and will send him some training material such as the JGLM DHT Training.

We then met 2 young men, one who had back problems with a pain level of 6/10 (10 being worst). After getting permission to pray for him, I took his hand and commanded his back to be healed in the name of Jesus and then asked him how it was. He said it was good. I asked if there was any more pain and he said no that it was all gone. He seemed pretty freaked out though and wanted to get going right away. Haha. Thank you Lord!

Then we met another Christian who had some intermittent shoulder pain which showed up mostly when he worked out. Initially he didn't want any prayer because he said he prays to God himself. I encouraged him that sometimes we need each other. I explained that there was a time when I had some pain in my body and prayed and kept believing for healing but it wouldn't leave. I then asked Trevor to pray for me and it went. He was convinced and let me command his shoulders to be healed and for the pain to not return. I believe next time he works out, he will be all better.

We were continuing to walk along when on the other side of the street we saw a group of young teens. I briefly thought to approach them, but I usually won't approach a group like that so I didn't think to suggest it and Trevor seemed to feel the same. I then started to feel heat in my left hand and thought right away that it was a word of knowledge and mentioned it to Trevor. He wondered, as did I, if it was for one of the teens we were just then passing by. At the same time we also saw a girl walking toward us on the same side of the street and both thought maybe it was for her instead so we continued to walk toward her to see. She veered off the side walk and avoided us very noticeably and to me it felt like that was our queue to go back to the group of teens. We approached them and asked if one of them had any pain or a problem with their left hand. None of them confessed to having that. I asked if they had injured themselves in playing sports or skateboarding or something like that and one of them said he had some back pain which he felt constantly. He reported the pain at a 3/10 scale. I asked to have his hand so I could show him something as I didn't feel it was right to explain why, but noticed he was a little apprehensive. Some of the other teens caught on right away as we later found out they were Christians and he wasn't and they were encouraging him to give me his hand. He did and I commanded the pain to go in Jesus' name. He checked it out and could not find the pain. Haha! We got to share the gospel with him and he wanted to ask the Lord into his life, repenting of his sins, and then allowed me to pray for him to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I also got to pray for another of the teens who was a Christian and had optic nerve dysplasia. We didn't see any change in his eyes at that time but I am continuing to believe he will be healed and give glory to God to encourage his friends and family. We also shared with them how they too can heal the sick and how God will talk to them in many different ways, encouraging them to just talk to Him more. At that time I also explained to the teens about why I initially approached them, explaining what I thought was a word of knowledge in feeling the heat in my hand. I noticed one of the other teens quietly asking the one who just gave his life to the Lord "Didn't you have some problems with your hand?" He motioned as if to say no to his friend so I didn't feel to press the issue. Both Trevor and myself noticed this and felt that he did have something going on there but for whatever reason didn't want any prayer. Or maybe it was all better by now. I guess we could have or should have asked further...

The great thing is, early in the evening before we went for a walk, I was encouraging Trevor with some testimonies and explained that I want to see more people saved, I want to see more people repent and come to the Lord. HalleluYAH! Thank you Jesus for answered prayer!

It was a good night!

Be encouraged to go and do likewise! He will use YOU!

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