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Good to Be Zealous in a Good Thing Always - In Jesus - 08-01-2012

'In Jesus' from Today 08-10-2012

Today I once again got to pray and share some more with the young man I work with. The cyst in his mouth has continued to go down in size, but as I promised yesterday I prayed again. He shared that he had prayed in the past for God to show him a sign that He was real. I believe there is an exciting future in God for him!

I also got to say a quick prayer for another woman I work with. She was having chest pains and has some knee problems. Testimony to follow!


I realized that I forgot to blog my day on August 1st, 2012. I did share my experience that day with a friend on Facebook so I figured I'd just edit it a bit and share it here as well. So the below is my 'In Jesus' from 08-01-2012:

But it is good to be zealous in a good thing always (Galatians 4:18)

Tonight was kind of odd. I went for a walk in the park and tried to approach a number of people for healing and to share the gospel. No one would stop for me. I felt like I was almost chasing people down. A car full of elderly people actually drove off in almost a panic when the lady in the front passenger seat said "Wait a minute, if I am sick or have some pains, you will make me better?" and I responded with "Not me, but Jesus in me will." Once the man in the drivers seat (who just one second before, seemed very interested) heard me say that, he said "Well, thank you very much" and floored it out of there. haha! I think one of them still had their door open. I laughed, but I was disheartened by it. As I first talked to them, I was excited to see he had a bandage over his right elbow and I was thinking that I was going to get to heal him, or the others in the car for that matter. I did get to pray for one of them though. They initially stopped to look for a head bust of a man they seemed to know, Israel Asper. Only a man from the back seat of the car got out and walked along looking for it while the others stayed in and following along slowly. That was when I met up with them. After asking the man walking, he let me pray for heart problems and 4 other things he would not let me know about. I just spoke healing over him in the name of Jesus as I walked beside him. I asked him how he felt after praying and he said "Good!"

Another woman was jogging toward me and I approached her and started to ask if she had any pain or sickness. She pointed to her ear and nodded her head 'no', in what I assumed was to say she was deaf. I motioned with my hands as if praying, then pointed to the sky, and pointed to her and then to my own ear. Thinking she would understand I wanted to pray to heal her. She pointed to herself then put her hands together to say she prayed for herself. I tried my hand gestures one more time and she just smiled and kept jogging. I even yelled out "Please!" as she was leaving. haha! I was just so excited as I felt she was going to be set free right then and there.

The same sort of thing happened for two other groups of people who just would not stop. One of the persons even admitted to having health problems, but would not stop to talk and did not want prayer.

I finally got to meet one man and share the gospel with him. He talked of other religions and felt that there is good in all religions, and in mankind in general. The truth was shared and I'm hoping Holy Spirit will convince him otherwise. I did get to pray for his bad knees and onset of osteoarthritis. He said he felt some difference after prayer but not much. Most importantly he said he was very grateful for the conversation and said his spirit was flying. I remember him saying too that what I was doing was love, in action! Wow!

Thank you Jesus!


Just a couple videos to expand your paradigm and bless you. Jesus is awesome!

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