Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Some Knees, a Back, a Hip and a Happy Meal - In Jesus - 08-07-2012

I really don't feel like typing much so I'm going to try to keep this short.

In the afternoon today, on the street, I got to pray for a woman with constant knee pain at 3/10. After 3 prayers, all pain was gone! Thank you Lord!

Then I went out to Walmart to try to return something and met a young lady who was sitting outside with her friends or maybe a boyfriend and friend and she had just recently dislocated her knee. She had a pain of 8/10 and after praying a few times she reported it gone but when I asked her to stand up she said there was still some discomfort. One more prayer was met with a response of "Wow" and some happy faces looking back at me. They were Christians and I got to share with them a bit about how we can all do this. I gave them this site address, so hopefully they come check it out and get encouraged to do the same. Jesus you rock!

Heading into the store after meeting the three younger people, I was approached by a man for some change. I told him I would buy him something to eat as he looked like he was drunk and hungry. He agreed that was a good idea. I rushed in and bought a Big Mac Meal and came out to give it to him. He thanked me and after speaking to him about the Lord I found he had a bad hip pain. I prayed and the pain left. He thanked me and sort of stumbled off happily with his food.

Woops, I forgot the person with the back pain! He was working in the McDonald's in Walmart cleaning up tables. As I waited for the Big Mac Meal to be ready I approached him and found he had back problems. 1 real quick prayer and it was gone. He also made a great face and when asked why, he said he felt the Holy Spirit touching him. haha. Awesome God!

I then go to meet a woman at the park who allowed me to pray for a chest cold to leave. She reported feeling energy entering in and it feeling more clearer. She allowed me to pray for some favor on her and the Lord to make Himself real in her life. Truth was shared in the midst of some confusion. She too got my web address.

If any of you are reading. it was a joy to meet you all. Jesus loves you and so do I. He wants to use you all too. Won't you let Him? It is so worth it! :) If you look through some of the other posts you will find links to some good teaching.

Jesus, be glorified! I love You, Lord!

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