Monday, September 03, 2012

Street Healing with Thomas Fischer

I just wanted to share a video and some links with you all for a brother in Christ named Thomas Fischer. He is such an encouragement to me and teaches how to live and walk as Jesus did. I believe he would encourage anyone of you reading my blog as well.

Street Healing with Tom Fischer-A sign turns a sinner.

Thomas' blog site is

Thomas' youtube channel is at

Thomas' facebook page is at

I want to encourage you all to consider supporting Thomas financially (paypal link can be found at his blog) and prayerfully as he ministers the gospel to the world and teaches others to do the works of Jesus, in faith and the power of the Holy Spirit. This is full time for him. As truly it should be for us all, whether we work at a job, career, or whatever.


  1. Anonymous1/1/14 11:55

    Just love Tom Fischer and his ministry, greatly encouraging. Never prayed for anybody on the street before watching Tom in action. Christianity should be like this, the kingdom of God breaking forth everywhere.

  2. I have watched tom fischer for four years, ive had many opportunities to pray for the sick. I would love to meet tom my name is Dennis please contact me tom love and prayers God bless. thank you

    1. Dennis, you would have better success trying to reach Tom on his blog. It is listed above. Or here:

      I just realized this post has Tom's old facebook account listed. I have updated his old one out of this post with his new one as well.

  3. Hi Christopher thank you so much for your help, I have left a message on one of toms videos on blog spot thank you for your help. So far No responce is there any other advice to insure that he receives a message? THANKS again Christopher and God bless