Saturday, September 22, 2012

In Jesus - 09-22-2012

A late, and longer entry. Sorry. I wasn't going to share this initially, but on later thought, felt that it may encourage someone, myself included :)

On Saturday, my brother in Christ, Trevor, and myself got to go hand out some free sandwiches, pizza, brownies, hot chocolate and some Holy Bibles to the poor people around the downtown Salvation Army. We also got to pray for a few people for healing. One woman with back problems I believe and one man with many different problems including ensuing blindness (I believe from substance abuse). There was no reported changes in their bodies at that time but we believe Mark 16:18 ..they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover -- either now or later!

Just when we were about to be packing up to leave a man named Michael approached us and asked if we could give him a ride to the Hospital. He had a bag over his hand with blood dripping from it. He had broken something glass and sliced his finger or hand open while working with a candle somehow. He had done it a few hours earlier but couldn't afford or find a ride to the Hospital until that point. He said he had thought the Police would have at least help him, but said they did not. We took him to the Health Sciences Center and then prayed for him to be healed of the injury as well as for many pains in his body from previous accidents. He didn't report any noticeable changes at that time. He seemed very thankful and blessed for the help. He knew the Lord and said he would add us to his regular prayers.

As we left Michael in emergency and continued to walk around the outside of the Hospital, simultaneously, Trevor and myself felt a manifestation of the presence of God in tingling on our lower backs and legs. It was quite interesting and pleasurable to be honest. I thought that maybe it was a word of knowledge for healing for someone in a wheelchair and started to looked for some right away.

First we met a group of three adults and one small child. The child was also named Michael and he had some pains in his bandaged injured index fingers on both hands. His parents and possibly his grandmother let us pray. Who I suspected was his grandmother assured us that he would pray too as he prays every night. After a quick prayer of commanding the pain to leave and his fingers to be healed in Jesus' name, he said the pain was all gone. He was so joyful after that and made some playful gestures toward us with both hands.

We also go to pray for his mother for a queasy feeling in her stomach. She started to cry and cover her face as we prayed. She got up right away and left as their ride was there and the rest of her family had already jumped up to head into the cab while we were praying for her. We thought she was being touched by the Lord in a powerful way, but did not have the time to confirm.

We rounded the corner and then prayed for girl who had fractured her heal bone. She didn't report any change at that time. She knew about the Lord from childhood but was not walking with Him. We got to encourage her in His goodness and His desire to love her and walk with her as she would walked with Him.

We then got to where all the people in wheelchairs were! Not that we knew this was the area for them, but we saw 4 different people in wheelchairs coming out of one set of doors in a very short span of time. 2 of the people let us minister to them and 2 didn't seem interested at all.

First we got to pray for a man who had a cyst in his spine and it caused damage to the spinal cord. He reported feeling a bit better in his legs and thought he could move them more, but didn't want to try getting up to test them out.

We also got to pray for young man who was in an accident which causing him to be paralyzed in his legs. He also had a dislocated shoulder from falling during physiotherapy. He did not report any changes in his body at that time. We got to encourage him in the Lord. He had asked Jesus to be his Lord as a young boy but I got the impression that he had not been walking to closely with Him at this time. He seemed very joyful and blessed when we left him.

We were now in the Hospital as we had to use the washroom. While Trevor was still in the washroom I took advantage of the access in the hallways and got to pray for a young girl of about 5 or 6 maybe. She had been born prematurely and had some developmental disabilities. She was in a wheelchair. Her mother let me pray but after I asked the young girl myself and I went to put my hand on her to pray she pushed it away. So I prayed just by stretching out my hand toward her. Her countenance changed a bit and she seemed to accept me more after the prayer. I got to encourage her and her little sister who believed in Jesus and angels. I encouraged them in the gospel in as simple a way as I knew how and they seemed very happy to hear the good news.

I also go to pray for their grandmother who had some health problems but she didn't feel comfortable sharing them with me. I just commanded complete healing and restoration over her body and life in Jesus' name. She also seemed very blessed and thankful afterward. I did not ask if there was any difference after prayer. To be honest, I forgot to. haha.

I then got to pray for another teen girl who had been in the Hospital with seizures. She did not have any way to judge any improvements as she was not experiencing them at that time. I believe she will not have anymore and encouraged her in the same!

We left outside of the Hospital again and met a woman who had been there for tests on a growth in her womb. We declared healing and life and a good report, that the doctors will have no explanation as to what happened. She did not feel any manifestation at that time and did not have any pain before hand to gauge a difference. I assured her there would be a good report as we left them.

It was a really good night. It is so encouraging and fulfilling to be used by the Lord in ministering to others. He can and will use you too. Just trust Him, and step out and love on people, commanding their bodies to be well in His name, and any spirit's to leave them. They must obey. 

Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Luke 10:19

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. Matt. 5:16

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