Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Encouraged - In Jesus - 09-04-2012

A few weeks or so ago I got to speak to and pray for a dear man in his 90's. I was on my lunch break out walking when I met him. At the time when I asked him, he mentioned that he was not ready to meet his maker should he perish that day. He knew he was not right with God. He mentioned having some problems in his body and that the doctors didn't know how long he would live. I encouraged him to repent and make himself right with God. I encouraged him that God wanted to walk with him and love him. I got to pray for healing in his body.

Yesterday I was having such a hard day at work and went for a walk at my lunch time, the Lord set me up for some great encouragement. I ran into this dear man again and he mentioned he was now attending church and was feeling much better inside his body. I could see love in him. He shook my hand a couple times with such love. Brought tears to my eyes just typing about it.

Thank you Lord!!

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