Wednesday, September 05, 2012

In Jesus - 09-05-2012

At work today a girl that was sitting next to me was complaining about the pain she was experiencing in her back from her weekend of riding Seadoos and tubing. I asked her if she could estimate what the pain would be on a scale of 10 with 0 being nothing and 10 being the worst. She said it was about a 6 off and on. I asked her if I could show her something and she replied a little leerily, saying "I don't want to be worse." She was thinking I was going to do some sort of Chiropractic thing. hehe. I said, "No, no, nothing like that." I placed my right pointer finger on the side of her left shoulder and commanded the pain to leave her back and her muscles to be loosed and relaxed in Jesus' name. She thought it was interesting as I don't think anyone had ever done anything like that to her before. I explained that I pray for people all the time and they get healed. I shared with her the testimony of the partially deaf woman who was healed back on July 23rd, 2012. She thought that was totally cool. She joked and asked if I could pray and get her help with doing her job better. She thanked me and said she would let me know if there was a change.

As I went for a walk at lunch and was thinking about the situation, I felt like the Lord was saying that this event would be instrumental in her eventually coming faith in Him. After returning from lunch, I asked her how her back was doing. She said, in a surprised tone, "It is actually doing better!" I assured her that He (Jesus) was real and she agreed and indicated that she thought everything happened for a reason. I felt to leave it at that.

It is really so simple to be used by Him. Just make yourself available, believe and step out. It's so worth it. Ask Him to use you and He will.

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