Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Partially Deaf Ear Healed - In Jesus - 07-23-2012

Hahaha, JESUS!!! Can you tell I am excited? He is so good!!

Walking on my way to work today I saw a man sitting in a wheel chair in front of the neighboring apartment block with who I assume was his significant other. I approached them and explained I am a Christian, and pray in Jesus' name for people and He heals them and offered healing prayer for them. The man indicated that he had problems with his knees. Pain would come into them and sometimes shoot down into his feet. He couldn't stand as they would give out on him. He let me lay hands on them and command them to be healed and all pain to go and not return. He reported feeling tingling in his knees and the pain was no longer there. He did not want to try standing though. I asked if they had any other issues and he said he had a crooked and bad back from when he used to drive derby cars. I laid hands, commanded his back to be healed in Jesus' name and he reported relief there but still did not want to stand up and try walking. He said he will try when they get back up into their apartment. I am thinking I should have grabbed him and made him stand and walk (working of miracles) but I did not think of that then. haha. Thank you Jesus!

During my lunch break I was feeling what I can best describe as a lack, or staleness and it made me feel discouraged and down for no real reason. I talked to the Lord, asking why I felt this way and asked if maybe it was time to go on to other things, and what those other things should be, etc. Well, the Lord met me with some encouraging love to my heart and a feeling of His manifest presence on my body. Thank you Father! You love so well.

I need to start this next encounter with a story from the past. A few months ago while on a very late evening break from work (it was already dark out) I met a man who had approached me quite aggressively. At that time he was walking around and yelling out to no one but said it was some security guards or cops or something. I assumed it was demons he was dealing with and offered to set him free from the voices, or from the demons. He did not let me pray for him, but started to come at me aggressively, with his hands clinched (if I remember correctly) saying, "I'll set you free from demons." I immediately started to command the devils to let him go, in Jesus' name. He said to me "Wow, impressive. Who are you? What church do you go to?" His countenance instantly changed and he started to walk away from me. He kept going as I kept telling them to leave him. I do not believe he was set free though, as I later heard him yelling again as I was walking back to work. Well, after feeling the Lord's encouragement in the above paragraph, I ended up meeting up with him again. He was standing there talking to himself. I approached him and asked him again if I could set him free. Reminding him of our first meeting. He would not let me pray for him again and was talking all kinds of nonsense. Saying Jesus was a scribe and asking me who I thought the Holy Spirit was and then telling me I was wrong when I told him. I am thinking I probably should have just commanded them to leave him again, but by the time I thought of that, we had already parted ways and had walked quite a ways apart from each other. I told them to let him go in Jesus' name in any case. I suspect I will meet him again.

As I continued on and was walking along side an old cathedral I met a woman walking with her elderly mother in hand. The mother had those dark terminator style glasses on so I assumed she was blind. I was wrong though. I explained I am a Christian and pray for people and God heals them. The young woman smiled and said "Sure, you can pray for my mother." I found that the mother had a problem with bad circulation in her left leg. She let me lay hands on her shoulder and command the veins to be healed and circulation to be restored. She said she would not know if it was better yet, but would after a time of walking. I blessed them and was about to leave but noticed the mother had a hearing aide in her right ear. I asked if I could pray for that too. She took out the hearing aide. I put my finger in her ear, with her permission of course, and commanded the parts of the ear to be healed and hearing to be restored. She reported an improvement but couldn't say how much. I put my finger there again and in Jesus' name I commanded away. haha. She reported more improvement. She let me pray one more time. I commanded any spirits of deafness or infirmity to leave, and more healing to be completed. She then said that she did not think she needed the hearing aide any longer!!!! Comeon JESUS!!! hahaha! Oh man, I am just so pumped right now!!! Wow, Holy Spirit goose pimples were all over me at this point. The mother lifted up both her arms in excitement and she had a nice grin on her face. I asked how the leg felt again just to see if she could tell a difference now and then she explained that previously her leg would feel like it was lagging or dragging behind so I asked if she thought maybe it was a problem with her hip. The daughter thought maybe it was. The mother then reported having problems in the past with it. I laid hands once more and commanded her hip to be healed, blessed them again, let them go, and then went on my MERRY way.

I got back to work and got to talk with a lady I work with on the way in. I found out she had problems with her thyroid and a few other things and she allowed me to command healing in Jesus' name on her too. I then told her what had happened with the lady with the partially deaf ear and other problems just 15 minutes before. She said, "Wow, well, I hope it works for me too!" She didn't report feeling any different yet, but didn't feel too bad at the time to begin with. She said she would let me know if she felt an increase in energy or any difference. I didn't get a chance to ask her if her energy had returned by the time the night was over but I am expecting so!


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