Friday, July 27, 2012

Pain Be Gone - In Jesus - 07-26-2012

For lunch today (I didn't take one to work) I ate some of the Father's food, John 4:31-34.

I first saw an elderly lady who was walking with a walker and her friend. I was across the street from them and noticed the light was green so I bolted to the other side. (Why did the Christian cross the road? To heal some broken lives? haha) I approached and explained my intention and they were delighted that I would do so. The elderly lady had pain in her knees and said she had her hip replaced when she was small as she had polio then. That was the reason she needed the walker. She said there was no pain in her hip though. Placing my hand on her left shoulder, in Jesus' name I commanded all pain and hindrances to her ability to walk perfectly to leave her body and by faith and the spoken word released the healing of Jesus into her knees and hip. She reported her left knee had no more pain but her right still did. I put my hand on her right knee and commanded it to be well. She reported it being better, but still something there. One more time, in Jesus' name I commanded it to be well and all pain to go and she reported all pain gone this time. She was very happy that I stopped to pray and heal her in Jesus' name.

I found that her friend had some lower back pain so I had her sit on a nearby structure making sure she was completely level and had her butt scooted all the way back. I explained the reason I was having her do that is because many times people with lower back pain will have a shorter leg and that is why they have the pain. She said "I do have a shorter leg!" I showed her that her left leg was shorter by 1/2 an inch. I commanded her left leg to come out in Jesus' name and it took 2 seconds and it was level with the other. She reported feeling a pulling when it happened. I asked her to checked her back but she said she didn't have pain there currently. Usually she would feel it in the morning when she would get up. To assure her I felt to place my hand on her back and commanded all bones in her spine to line up and cartilage to be whole. They were both Christian ladies and they both appeared to be very blessed and filled with joy. I sure was! Thank you Jesus!

Next I saw a woman at a bus stop and stopped to ask if she had any pain or sickness. She did not. She was a Christian too. I explained why I asked, and shared how the Lord just touched the two ladies a moment before. I encouraged her to step out and pray for others also. As I was almost finished talking with her I saw a man coming toward us and he had a brace on his knee. I said to her "Ok, well, I am going to go see if I could pray for this man coming toward us." Would you have guessed it? He was her boyfriend and was coming back to be with her. He reported a pain in his knee of about a 7 out of 10, with 10 being the worst. He let me pray and the pain went to about a 4 out of 10. I asked him to take off the brace and in Jesus' name, I again commanded healing in and pain to go. The pain went to a 2 out of 10. I prayed one more time and he reported the pain was gone. I had him try standing up without the brace and he said it was good. He put the brace back on though and I explained he didn't need that anymore. He wanted to wear it anyways. He said he was very encouraged by that and I also encourage him that he could do the same thing as well. He was also a Christian.

I started to head back to work and saw a woman in a wheel chair being pushed by two girls. I found that the woman had pain in her back and hip and the doctors didn't know yet what it was. She had just come back from the hospital as they were running tests. After prayer, pain was significantly reduced. I prayed again and she said it was all gone. I noticed that her color in her face seemed to be returning so I said that and the girls giggled which I assumed was from the joy we must have all been feeling. The woman in the wheel chair was smiling away. I wanted her to stand and try walking but the girls said the doctors didn't want her to until they knew what was up. I said I can respect that. I told her, "Well, now you can go back and tell them that Jesus healed you." Glory to God! They all seemed very encouraged. As was I! They were all Christians too.

I also got to pray for a girl at work tonight who had sprained her ankle. I knew about it for the last couple days but to be completely transparent and honest, I was somewhat fearing stepping out in front of all my co-workers and waited for a time when I felt comfortable to approach her. I was frustrated with myself for feeling that way and talked with the Lord about it on a number of occasions. I apologized to Him for feeling that way as in a way it felt almost like I was letting them or my job or more so fear to control me in this situation. I did not like it. Well, Jesus is faithful, patient and kind to me. He made an opportunity tonight. I got to pray for her but the pain in her ankle had only slightly disappeared. I feel as if I failed in this circumstance as I feel that if I had just stepped out when I had the opportunity to show the healing power of Jesus in front of numerous people at work, it had the potential for some great things. I feel I backed down and missed it letting fear and doubts to have a place in me. May I not do that again! I am learning and growing. Thankful for His patience!

Jesus You're glorious!!!

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