Wednesday, July 25, 2012

In Jesus - 07-24-2012

Today during lunch break I went for a walk again. First I met and got to pray with a man who said his wife (who was at home) had bad knees. He said he had just become baptized as a Jehovah Witness 2 weeks ago. They do not believe that miracles are for today so that was awesome and once he goes home to find her healed he will have something to think about when they tell him that. Thank you Jesus!

Next I met an elderly couple. The wife had her husband in hand and he was walking with a cane. I approached them and after explaining that I pray for people and God heals them and asking if I could do the same for them, he let me put my hand on his shoulder and command healing into his body, breaking off a 2 year diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. He reported feeling a tingling in his spine and said that he felt a difference when he walked. I declared that it was the Lord Jesus healing him and that it was not coming back. I could see that he knew the Lord as he agreed in the prayer with an " the name of our Lord." I blessed them and let them go. As I looked back in excitement (GOD is so GOOD! haha) I saw him walking with his cane held slightly up off the ground for many steps and when it was on the ground it didn't even look like he was putting any weight on it. Also as they stepped onto the road he had it held almost horizontal, which if anyone is having problems with walking I would certainly assume would be putting their cane down in that sort of situation. When I first observed them coming toward me, he seemed much more frail and unsure of himself and could tell he was using the cane much more. Parkinson's, you have got nothing, and no ground to stand on, in the presence of the kingdom of God in a believer (Luke 17:21)! Thank you Lord!

I then was back in the building almost done my lunch and met another elderly gentleman who was walking very frail looking. I approached him and he said he had a stroke. I explained what I do and he let me pray. He did not feel any difference or any noticeable change at that moment. BUT, believers shall lay hands on the sick and they SHALL recover, Mark 16:18. So, thank you Lord! I met one other elderly gentleman walking with a cane coming out of the washroom and asked if I could pray for him. He said no, but I put my hand on his back and blessed him and commanded strength into his body and bones. I asked him how he felt as he walked away. "Good!" haha. Thank you Lord!

Exiting the building on my last break of the evening I met a young teenage man. He was limping along and I approached him. He said he had just broke his toe. I asked him if it was painful at the moment. I believe he responded with "Oh yes, very much so." I explained that I pray for people and God heals them and he allowed me to do so for him. I did not put my hand on him, but instead only pointed at his foot, commanded the foot to be healed and all pain to leave, then tapped his foot with mine very lightly one time. He said it felt much better. I had him stand up on it to test it out and he stated "Yes, it is much better!" He also knew the Lord. I asked him if that encouraged him in the Lord and he agreed. I encouraged him also that we as Christians can all heal the sick. Sharing that Jesus gave us a command to heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead and cast out devils (Matt. 10:7-8). It is our privilege to set people free. I said it was almost as if we get to be superheros and go around healing people. His little sister was standing there watching the whole time. His mother came by and I explained that I had just prayed for him and Jesus took his pain away. I asked him again if the pain was gone and he said "Yes, it is almost all gone." I wrote down my blog website address and gave it to him as I asked him if he would like to learn how to do this, healing the sick, and he said "Oh yeah, definitely!" So, young man, if you are reading this right now, check out the below links to start out with. They are some of the very best teaching and teachers on this subject that I have gone through myself. They will help you learn how to walk as Jesus Christ our Lord did, how Peter, Paul, Stephen, Philip and other apostles and disciples did, and still do today, walking in the power of the Holy Spirit and in the love of God to set people free and to give people something to really put their faith in, not just words (1 Cor. 2:4-5, 1 Cor. 4:20). If you would like to connect, just message me at the connect tab above or you can find me on facebook, or twitter, etc. up above, under my profile picture on the right. God bless you!

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Jesus, You are so good!!

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