Saturday, July 21, 2012

In Jesus - 07-21-2012

Tonight I stopped in at Canadian Superstore (grocery store) for some sushi and before paying for my items, I noticed there was a big man with a cane and his wife at another til. By the time I got to mine, they paid for their items already and were on their way out. I hurried to pay for my stuff at the self help self pay cash register and met them at the exit. I walked up to them and asked him "Is it a bad back?" while pointing at his body. He explained he had arthritis, and pain in his hip, and his spine was being crushed due to his weight. I asked him if I could show him something and he said sure. I asked to take his hand and he gave it to me. In Jesus' name, I commanded pain, spirit of pain and arthritis to go, and commanded his spine and hip to be healed. He reported feeling heat in his spine and a reduction of pain when he tested it out by walking. His wife was already walking a bit ahead of us, so after one more quick prayer with my hand on his back and then saying I would let them go but that I would be willing to stay with him until it was all gone, he said "That is OK, I am feeling all better now." and then thanked me for stopping. He said "It is nice to meet a Christian man who is willing to stop and pray for others. There is too much busyness in the world. Everyone is in such a rush." Before we departed I got to share Romans 8:11 with him and to encourage him that we can also pray for ourselves for healing and that same Spirit who raised Christ from the dead who lives in us, shall also quicken our mortal bodies.

Thank you Jesus, Holy Spirit, and Father!

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