Friday, December 26, 2014

Pain GO! - In Jesus - 12-26-2014

I left to go for a walk tonight, and on my way to the car I met Bev. I first drive to the park then walk. I wasn't just going for a walking to the car, haha! She was at the bus stop outside of my apartment. She had a cane in her right hand and she had just finished drawing in the snow "Happy Holidays" with it. I approached her and asked her why she had the cane, if she had pain in her hips or legs or back or something. She said it was her legs. I explained that I pray for people and Jesus heals them, and asked if I could do that for her. She welcomed the idea very openly. I asked her the pain level with her just standing there and she said it was a 9 out of 10, 10 being the worst ever. She said her right knee was the worst though. I explained what the bible says about believers laying hands on the sick, them recovering, and asked if it was ok for me to place my hand on her shoulder to do that for her. She was ok with that. I put my right hand on her left shoulder then spoke to the pain and commanded it to leave her knees in the name of Jesus and her knees to be healed, then took my hand off her shoulder and had her check it out by having her move her legs. The pain was now a 6 out of 10. I then asked if I could put my hand on her knee. She was ok with that too. This time it dropped to a 2 out of 10. Two more times praying very short quick commanding prayers, she was able to walk without the cane but the pain was still a little there. I told her that I believed it would completely go away and she would no longer need that cane at all. Her bus was there by this time so I thanked her, she thanked me, and we parted ways. She was a believer and was very grateful.

I went to Walmart after the walk and after picking up a few things I was at the check out and asked the woman helping me if she had pain in her feet or back, as I know if you stand on your feet all day that can be the case. She said yes, in her upper shoulders. I asked to place my finger on her right shoulder and she let me. I said "Pain go, leave this woman's shoulders now in Jesus' name." She said "Amen, in Jesus' name!" haha! I asked if the pain was gone and she said it was. She was a believer too and also grateful.

Thank You Jesus! You love your people well!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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