Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Get Up and Go - In Jesus - 12-09-2014

Just wanted to share tonight's testimonies. Glory to KING JESUS!

I was sitting at home feeling restless and felt the desire to go out and minister to people. I decided to get my butt off the couch and go. I had asked the Lord to direct me to those with a need. I wondered were should I head to, to the mall? which mall? hmm, maybe I'll just go and get me some chocolate! I love dark chocolate and the last few times I went to Walmart they were out. I had the thought they would have some today so I headed that way. And of course I know there are always people there who know their need who are usually open to receiving healing.

I got to the store and headed to grabbed my chocolate. Sure enough, they had it! Thank You Jesus! haha. Then I walked around a bit. A man walked past me and he seemed to turn his head kind of stiff like, so I followed him assuming he had back problems. I followed him a bit then yelled out, "Excuse me." and he stopped and turned around, "Do you have any back pain, or back problems?" He informed me that he had, and that he was dealing with arthritis. I then explained I pray for people and Jesus heals them and asked if I could do that for him. He thought for a moment and said "Ok." I asked him if he could gauge it on a scale of 0/10 with 0 being nothing, and 10 as worst pain ever. He said it was a 7/10. I then said, "Do you think it would be ok for me to film it? I like to share testimonies of what God does. Or would that be too uncomfortable for you?" He said it would be too uncomfortable. I said "That's ok. I understand." I'm going to put more effort into getting these on camera. I asked if I could place my hand on his shoulder and pray, and he obliged. I told him my name and found out he was called Wilfred. I place my hand on his right shoulder and spoke to the pain and commanded it to leave, "Pain go, leave Wilfred now." also commanding a spirit of pain and arthritis to leave him in Jesus' name. I took my hand away and asked him how it felt. He moved around ever so slightly, looked like he was thinking about something, then said, "It's numb." haha! I asked if he had ever had anything like that happen to him before. He said he had not. I shared the gospel with him and encouraged him to give his life to the Lord again after finding out he had one time when he was younger but was doing his own thing now. He asked me to pray for finances for him and I did. He said his lower back right side was a little stiff, not painful, just stiff as he mentioned that he was dealing with that pain for 10 years. We prayed a couple more times and he said it was good now. I love You Jesus!

I then walked past a tall, handsome native man (haha!), and my left foot got hot all of the sudden. I turned to follow him and asked him about pain in his left foot. He had none, but I found out he had pain in his back and hands. He didn't want me to pray though. I shared about Wilfred but he just said, "No, I'm ok partner. Thank you for the offer though." I said, "Ok, well, have a good day." and carried on.

I then met a man named Leonard who was rolling toward me in one of Walmart's motorized chairs. He had a friend who was following him behind with a cart. Asking Leonard why he was in the chair, he said he was dealing with pain from a back surgery 2 years ago and it hasn't healed. It was an 8/10 just sitting there. I explained the same to him as I did to Wilfred and he said ok. I placed my hand on his right shoulder, commanded the pain to go and back to be healed in Jesus' name, and he reported it was now a 5/10. He let me pray again and he reported that it was now good. I asked if it was completely gone and he said "Pretty much, yup." Haha! His friend didn't seem to like it so much and started on his own way before we were finished talking. Leonard knew the Lord and also had never had anything like that happen to him. Glory to JESUS!!!

I then proceeded to the check out and paid for my items. The girl who helped me said she deals with pain in her knees sometimes. I spoke to them while she counted out my 16 dollar coins and 16 quarters, I use them for laundry. I commanded her knees to be healed and pointed at them from the opposite side of the check out stand. I then asked if she felt anything and she said "Yes." with a smile on her face. I asked if she felt heat. She did. I just said, "See, that's Jesus. Thank you for letting me pray." She told me before that she did know Him (Jesus) too.

I then left and met Shirley at the front doors. She had a cane and was waiting there for someone. I introduced myself and explained what I do. She really liked that idea and welcomed it. She had a stroke and her right side was unable to move. I prayed commanding the effects of the stoke out and any infirmity and spirits to go and she started to smile. She thanked me and said she could fell something going on in her arm. I asked her to move it but she hardly could. I prayed one more time and she thanked me again saying she had felt some discomfort before and that was now gone. Her husband and son came at this point to get her and took her off giving me strange looks, haha. She was grinning and thanking me though. I told her that I believe she will recover fully and let them go. Oh ya, that tall handsome native man, he walked by as I was praying for Shirley and heard me saying that I believe you will fully recover too. Seeds planted, either way.

Oh God, You are so GOOD!!! Be encouraged and consider He will use you too!

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