Thursday, January 15, 2015

"How Come?" - In Jesus - 01-15-2015 [back dated post]

This afternoon I met Gavin, a young foreign asian man. He was carefully and slowly walking down the stairs while holding onto the rails. I walked slowly beside him to find out what had happened. He had sprained his ankle playing basketball. He let me pray for him to be healed. I don't think he really knew exactly what I meant but he was willing. Jesus healed him in a few seconds and his reaction was priceless. At first after checking for the pain he just breathed in one deep breath with his mouth hanging open then said "How come?" As I explained the Who and why that happened and how Jesus paid the price for our sins and sickness and if we believe and follow Him we will be saved, he was almost in tears.

This evening while at the supermarket I met Barb who had pain in her knees. She said it was probably a 10/10 in her left knee and less in the right. Jesus healed her right leg in a few seconds and the left was greatly reduced to almost nothing. She said "What did you do!?!" with great surprise. haha! I said "It wasn't me, it was Jesus." After sharing with her about a real relationship with Jesus and about how when our minds are renewed we can do the same things He did as He lives through us, as she was in the Catholic religion, she let me pray again for diabetes and eye problems, and the remainder of the pain in the left knee. The pain in the knee was now gone and I expect the others will clear right up. I love You, Lord! Thank You!!!

Oh, that men would give thanks to the LORD for His goodness, And for His wonderful works to the children of men!

Oh yaaaa, the funniest part I almost forgot. Almost at the very end of the last time praying for Barb at the supermarket, there was a man on the speaker system that said "Thank You Lord." HAHAHA! I wasn't sure I heard right but after I finished praying I asked Barb if she heard that and she did. She said she thought it was me for a moment. We had a good laugh. I guess someone was watching, haha.

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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