Friday, August 22, 2014

"Ya! That's pretty crazy." - In Jesus - 08-21-2014

During my last break of the evening at work tonight I went for a walk out to the Esplanade Riel bridge. Which I do pretty much every day that I work. Tonight as I got to the bridge I met up with a Native American man who had a gauze bandage around his left wrist. He was coming toward me over the bridge and I noticed it just as he was beside. I blurted out, "Hey, what happened to your wrist? Why do you have the bandage on it? Did you hurt it?" He agreed and said he had burned it just a bit earlier this evening on a stove element. I told him right away that I pray for people for healing and asked if I could do that for him. He said "Sure." Asking him what level of pain he would say it was at, he said it was an 8 out of 10. I said, "Oh wow, that's pretty high." He said, "Ya it was pretty hot." Haha. I asked to place my hand lightly over his wrist and he let me. I spoke to the pain and commanded it to leave his wrist and commanded all the tissues to be healed in Jesus' name and declared, "Jesus is Lord!" I asked him how it was doing by saying, "How is it now? It's all gone right?" He said, "Ya! That's pretty crazy." I said, "See, that was Jesus. He is Lord and He is real." He asked me right away if I had any money and to his favor I actually grabbed a dollar and twenty five cents out of my laundry money today as I was craving a chocolate bar but never actually purchased it. I gave him the change. He was grateful and said, "Thank you." then started to walk away quickly. I tried to share the gospel with him more but he was in such a hurry to get out of there after that happened. I think he had a hard time processing it all. His name was Charles, I believe. Glory to Jesus!

After my shift tonight while walking out of the building I noticed one of my co-workers seated where I assume she was waiting for her ride. I had noticed in the past, as well as tonight, that she had a cane with her and never had the opportunity to approach her until this evening. I walked up to her asking why she had the cane. She informed me that she had injured her foot 10 years ago and it just never healed. I explained "I pray for people for healing and I wanted to know if you would like me to do that for you." She said she would like that with a smile on her face. After asking her name and sharing mine I found that she was only comfortable with me speaking over it, rather than touching her. I understand how some feel that way. She also informed me that it was at a constant 4 out of 10 pain level. I said "That's ok, I understand. I'll just pray over here." I stood about 5 feet from her and held out my right hand toward her foot, and while looking directly at it, I made slight waving motions with my hand as if to brush off the pain (Hehe!). I commanded all pain to leave her foot and for it to be healed in Jesus' name. She reported that it was now half better about a 2 out of 10. She let me pray one more time and she said it was much better but she could still feel it slightly there. I wanted to pray until it was gone but she said that was ok. I explained that even Jesus, the Son of God, had to pray 2 times for a blind man and explained that I thought He may have done that for our purpose to show us that we may have to persist in prayer sometimes, but she was still ok with it as it now was. I quickly shared with her that it was Jesus who healed her and that He was real and did that to show her that He was real and He wants her to know Him. That she could know Him by faith. I then asked her if she did know Him, but I think she was also having a difficult time processing what was going on. She just said she didn't want to talk religion, so I thanked her for letting me pray for her and headed on my way home. Seeds planted.

Thank You Jesus!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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