Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hearing and obeying - In Jesus - August 19, 20, 2014

Yesterday morning, 19th of August, I awoke to a knock at my door. It was a contractor wanting access to my suite again. I was very tired and got up fairly grumpy. I didn't say much other than ok, sure, yep, and decided to leave my apartment without showering or going to the washroom. I was just in the flesh. I'm sure you all know what that's like. I got to the park and I decided to walk. I knew I had to go to the washroom at some point but wasn't sure how long I would make it on my walk. I thought I would be able to make it until I got back to the park. I go down a walking path that goes away from the park then back again. While on this path near the beginning of my walk, I had a very quick thought come into my mind about stopping in at this one school dorm building at a nearby university called CMU (Canadian Mennonite University) and I saw myself going in to find a washroom. I wondered briefly if that was from the Lord, and decided to kept that in mind.

As I got closer to the school I felt the need to visit the washroom coming on stronger. I passed by a porta-potty and it was as if the thought to use it was blocked from my thinking as I momentarily forgot about the CMU impression. After I passed the porta-potty I remembered the image of me going to CMU and knew it was there that I would have to stop. I was getting excited because I knew at this point God was going to do something. I past by a police station on my walk and could have easily went to the washroom there, but thought to myself, *no, I believe that was Holy Spirit telling me that I must go to CMU* so I passed that by. I crossed the street and entered the front door of the dorm. I was met by a young woman who worked there and I asked if there was a washroom. She said there were no public washrooms in this building but offered to take me to one in another building. I thought *Hmm, this must be for her* and I said "Ok." She led me to the washroom and before going in I asked if she had anything going on in her body like pain or sickness or disease. She said no. I asked "Are you sure? Nothing lingering or re-occurring?" as I knew God wanted me to pray for her. She kind of paused for a moment and asked why. I explained that I pray for people and Jesus heals them and told her He would take whatever it was she was dealing with away. I found out she was a Christian too and then asked again and she said "Well, there's always something." I assume it must have been very personal to her because she didn't want to tell me what it was specifically. I was ok with that. I said "It's ok. You don't have to tell me. God knows what it is and He will take it away." She let me lay my hand on her shoulder and pray. I commanded all infirmity and any works of the enemy to leave her, and her body to be fully healed in Jesus' name. I asked if she could feel any difference and she said "Well, there's always a lightness felt when someone prays for you." So she was familiar with that manifestation or sensation before and felt it then. I told her about how I had the impression of coming here and I think that God meant that all for her. She was encouraged. God is good!

Something I found to be funny and a real blessing from God... I went to the washroom and then noticed *Hey, there are showers in here!* haha! There were no towels though. I looked in a cupboard and found a small lonely soap bar and decided I was going to wash my hair and face and said, "Thank You Jesus!" then took off my shirt and washed my hair and face. I used paper towel to dry myself off. What a refreshment that was. It may seem silly or a small thing, but to me at that time, it was such a blessing that I believed was from the Lord. hehe. He really blesses me with the little things He does.

I continued on my walk and met up with an older gentleman named Sid and his wife S... something, I forget. She had a very strange name. I think they were from India, or possibly Pakistan. I first made note of him as he had one of those walkers with wheels and a seat. So I approached them. I found that Sid had 3 surgeries for his back and in the past there was sciatic nerve pain, but now it was just some lower back pain and his wife said pain in his gluteal muscle. I believe he said the pain was about a 3 or 4 out of 10. He let me pray and after the 3rd prayer I believe his words were "It is now better and no pain at this time." They let me share the gospel with them. They encouraged me to continue doing the good works. hehe. Jesus open their hearts and eyes to see you as Lord and the only way to life.


Today the contractors entered my suite again. I was in a much more friendly mood though. I was going over some training materials and remembered the Lord telling me last week that He wanted me to share Him with them. So I asked the Lord in my heart what they or either one of them was dealing with. I immediately felt a pain in my right arm around my elbow. I thought it was for one of them in particular, but I waited until they were both in the same area of my suite as I was and asked "Do either of you have problems with your right arm around the elbow?" To my surprise, they both said yes at the same time. Haha! And both of them had tennis elbow that would flair up from time to time. They let me pray for them individually. One believed in Jesus and the other was a self proclaimed agnostic. I got to share the gospel with him and encourage the other about stepping out to do the same things Jesus did to bring Him glory and shared with him a video of Pete Cabrera Jr growing out a man's legs. Neither of them had pain before prayer, but I know they won't any longer, and they will know it was Jesus who did it. They both thanked me for praying for them.

I am learning to hear His voice and it is exciting!

I love You Lord!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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