Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pain goes, leg grows, heart of God and truth revealed - In Jesus - 08-14-2014

This morning before I was to be leaving my apartment for the day, I thought that I heard the Holy Spirit saying to me, "I want you to share Me with them." Just before this, there was a contractor who came into the suite as he was just about ready to start the work they are doing here, then he had stepped out of the suite for a moment. That was when I felt the Lord speaking this to me. I hung around for just a little while longer and then decided it was time to go. I met with the contractor right outside my apartment door and he just happened to be leaving out the same back door of the building as I was. Imagine that! haha. I followed him out and as we were walking up the stairs to the back door I asked if he had any pain or sickness in his body. We reached the back door just then and he turned to say he had some pain in his leg from breaking it years ago. I asked him about what level he could gauge it at and found that it was at a level of 3 out of 10, with 10 being worst. I asked if I could show him something. With hesitation he said "Sure, but what are you going to do?" I said "I'll show you. Don't worry, I won't hurt you. I'm just going to put my hand here." I bent over to put my hand on his leg as he moved it closer toward me. With my hand on his leg, I spoke to the pain and said "In the name of Jesus Christ, I command all pain to leave this leg now. Tendons, muscles, bones and nerves be healed." then took my hand off his leg and stepped back. He mentioned "That's about the only thing I haven't tried, religion." I asked if there was any pain still. He said it was virtually gone. I got to share the gospel with him and explain how Jesus healed him to show that He was real and he needs to believe in Him to be saved. He seemed to be interested and said that if it comes back he'll come and see me again. His name was Alex.

During a half hour break at work today I walked out the back of the building and noticed a young Asian man sitting on a bench. I had the thought come to me about a young Asian man who I thought I knew that had committed suicide. I was about to walk past him but felt the need to go back and talk to him. I wondered if he had depression. I approached him and right off, out of habit more than anything I think, I asked if he had any pain or sickness in his body. He looked up at me and said what sounded to me like "Pain?" I said yes. He grabbed a pen from inside his backpack and handed it to me. I smiled and said "No no, pain. Like hurt, or something wrong in your body?" and made some hand gestures on my arm. He said he did not. I asked if he was healthy and he said he was. I asked him if he knew Jesus. He nodded yes. I asked "You know Him as Lord? Are you born again? Are you a Christian?" He said "Well my mother and my grandmother are. But I am not." I asked him if he knew why Jesus came to live and die on the cross then raise from the grave and he said he did not. So I shared the gospel message. He shared with me about how he didn't believe Jesus was God because he doesn't see Him. I said "Well, do you have a mind? or do you believe I have a mind?" He said "Yes." So I asked "How do you know? You can't see it, can you?" I explained further, "You know we have a mind because you see the result of that mind. You know that we think and then do things based on those thoughts. So you can tell the mind exists by the results of it being there. It's the same with Jesus. You can tell He exists by the results that He exists or by what He does. That is why I asked you about pain or sickness. If you had any, He would heal you right now and you would see that He was real." He said he had a question for me, "Do you believe in demons?" I said that I did and shared how I have even seen them before. He told me about how he believes he had seen them too. I sat there and we discussed where they came from and then I felt to ask him about if anyone ever told him that he had a shorter leg than the other. He said no. I asked him to let me check and he obliged. We found that his right leg was shorter than the left by about a quarter inch. I commanded it to grow out and it immediately shot out. He watched it all and could see that it was no longer shorter. He was quite amazed as was I. I then remembered the thought about the young Asian man who had committed suicide and asked him if he ever dealt with depression. He said that he did not initially, but then after talking a little more he admitted that he did have thoughts about killing himself and confessed that he thought life was very hard. I told him about how I had the thought about the young Asian man who had committed suicide as I walked up to him and explained that that was God speaking to me about him. Explaining that He knows him and wants him to know Him. I invited him to pray to Jesus with me for him to be forgiven, saved, born again, but he said he would do that on his own tonight when he was going to bed. He said "I must do that. I must know Him. It is time." I shared about how he might go about doing that and then he let me pray for him to command the lying spirits of depression and suicide to leave him. His name was different in Chinese but said that I could call him Larry. Glory to God!!!

On my way home from work I was approached by some Jehovah's Witnesses who had a stand setup and were sharing their 'truth'. I asked them about Isaiah 44:6 and how it is God who is saying He is the first and the last and then in Revelation 1 Jesus says to John that He is the first and the last too. They just referred me to see their web site. We got into a pretty intense discussion. They had even asked me to go, but I was able to convince them to continue with my sincerity to share the truth. Holy Spirit was all over it. I shared with them the testimony about growing out the leg and hearing from God for the young Asian man earlier in the day and asked "If those things past away with the Apostles, then why do I still hear from God and why does God still heal through me as a believer? And if you are a believer, then why aren't you doing those things?" They asked me about a number of different passages to see why I believed what I did as opposed to what they believed and almost all of them I had answers for and they couldn't say the answers were wrong. After a while, one of them stepped away and then shortly after the other two started to pack up their stand and leave. The real truth was shared today and I pray that Holy Spirit continues to breath on the words of spirit and life that flowed from my belly to their ears, because Holy Spirit lives in me and will never leave me! Glory! I left them with the question "Do you have that assurance within you that you are a child of God? or are you just following rules."

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Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ.

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