Saturday, May 10, 2014

I believe Mark 16:18 - In Jesus - 05-09-2014

Today I stepped out to love on 3 different guys. The first one I met just a little bit after leaving work. I first walked over to a mall to get some cash from the bank machine as I knew I'd need some change for another mall I was going to be heading to. I was on my way back to my vehicle when I met him. He couldn't walk or talk very well. He was also drooling. I honestly forget, but I think he had been in an accident years ago and said that since then, whatever causes him to walk and talk like that, comes and goes. He didn't know what the cause of it was. He let me pray and command healing and life to his body 3 or 4 times over about 10 or so minutes of talking with him. We didn't see any improvement before I left him.

The second man was in a wheel chair at the second mall I visited. I walked past him after getting some food and saw that he was trying to move on his own with only his left leg being functional. I walked back to him to help him and got him to his friends at a bench around the corner. I then asked to pray for him. He had a stroke a few years ago and his right side was paralyzed. He let me pray a few times. We didn't see any improvement at that time.

The third guy I met outside a Tim Horton's coffee shop. I was sitting in my vehicle using their free Wifi after being at a marsh outside the city for a few hours. He had pulled up in his vehicle near mine and I noticed some friends of his walk up and start talking with him at his window. I went in to get myself a coffee and came back out wondering if any of them needed healing so I looked over but didn't see anything in the natural right away, so went back about my business. A few minutes later I looked over again and noticed that a wheel chair was now outside the vehicle and the driver had his door open to it. I hopped out of my car and asked to pray for him. We prayed a few times but didn't see him receive feeling or movement back in his legs just then. He was paralyzed from the waist down. He did report feeling tingles in his body though.

The first and the last guys were both Christians and they were thankful for the prayer. The middle guy did not seem to me to be a born again believer. He knew the truth about Jesus, but I had the sense that he wasn't walking with Him. I shared the gospel with Him and I am sure those seeds will grow.

I believe that God's word is true and that certain signs follow believers. I am a believer, and I laid hands on them, and now they will recover. Mark 16:18 says so. And God does not lie. I encouraged each one of these guys with those words.

I have run into people a while after praying for them and not seeing any visible sign of improvement at the time of prayer, but they have said that a while after leaving me they were well. The symptoms had left and their situations had changed. And they knew that God had done the work in them. I also encouraged all three of these guys with those words.

I am always believing for the dramatic and instant healing miracles, but don't always see that..., yet! I will see them more and more, I know it!

Holy and righteous Father, Your kingdom come, You will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Be glorified in the Son, through me. I want to partner with You, and make myself available to You, every day in any way. Let Your grace flow, let my mind be renewed, and to God be the glory, to man be freedom. In the name of Jesus! Amen!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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