Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Drive-by Healing - In Jesus - 05-07-2014

I was craving a burger for a couple weeks. I see my bro Koffi on facebook tonight talking about going to Burger King before work so I had enough dreaming about having one and decided it was time to go get not one, but two, Whopper Jr.s. :)

On my way back, I find there are no parking spots on my street any longer. I was a little perturbed but drove around looking. Nothing found one street over, so I thought, *maybe one opened up on my street now.* Drove back and saw a guy walking on the road toward me with crutches.

I stopped next to him and asked him "Hey man, what's up? What happened?" He says "I'm just walking to my car." I clarified, "No, what happened why you have crutches?" He says something like "I just had surgery on it a day ago" Or two days ago, something like that. I forgot how many days to be honest. I asked if he had any pain and he said there was a lot of pain. I asked if I could pray for him all the while I'm still sitting in my car with my left arm hanging out my driver's side window and my head poking out and he says "Sure." I asked him to come a little closer to me so I could put my hand on him and he obliges. I put my hand on his wrist and command healing to his leg in the name of Jesus.

He gives a bit of a nod of approval and says with a little surprise, "It feels better." I asked how much and He says "95% better." I asked him to try walking without the crutches but said he isn't supposed to try that yet. I didn't press it. After all I am just in my car while he's standing next to it. I asked him to put pressure on it and he said he could definitely put more pressure on it. I asked to pray again as I wanted it 100% better and he ok'd that too. I repeated the steps again thanking Jesus for healing him and showing him that He is real and loves him.

By this time a car is coming toward and has just about got right in front of me. So I wrap it up real quick and thank him for letting me pray. He says "Anytime". Haha! I laughed and said "A drive by healing." to him and carried on my way as he continued on to his vehicle.

I did find a parking spot just about 100 feet or so down the road from there. Thank You Jesus!

It amazes me how God can use us sometimes. I look forward to more strange situations like this, haha!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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