Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fractured Paradigm - In Jesus - 09-18-2013

Very interesting situation today! Read on, to find out. I have had this happen one other time.

Today I met a young man who was backpacking across Canada. He was sitting on a bench as I walked past him and felt to ask if he had any pain in his back and to pray to grow out his leg. I asked and then explained, "I am a Christian and pray for people and God heals them. It's pretty awesome." He didn't know if he did or not, but also indicated that he was lost. I asked how I could help him. I guess he thought I was thinking he meant spiritually or emotionally lost (which I was) because he said "No, no, I'm actually physically lost." He wasn't sure how to get either back home to the Greater Toronto Area, or to continue on to the west coast. After discussing it a bit, we determined that I couldn't help him with that specifically, but we got onto a conversation for a long time about various topics regarding the other religions, the kingdom, and faith in Jesus Christ. He grew up in a Christian family but never gave himself over to that 'belief system'. He professed to be somewhat of an agnostic.

After a long discussion, I wanted to pray to give him a proof by either miracle, or a healing in his body, that God was real. I asked if there was anything I could pray for and he said he would really like to get home. I told him that if I had the money I would give it to him, or if I wasn't working I'd offer to drive him, but I said I would pray and God would provide a way for him to go where he needs and he would know it was Him doing it.

I also asked about pain or sickness in his body again and if he would, in the least, let me check his legs to see if one was shorter, indicating that it is quite a common thing for people. He agreed to let me check his legs. Sure enough, the right one was shorter by about 3/4 of an inch. I showed him and said to watch. I began to command the right leg to grow out in the name of Jesus Christ and it jumped out quite significantly right off the bat. So much so that I asked him if he did that. He seemed a little confused but said that he did. The legs now seemed closer in length though. Since he said that he did do that, I asked him not to do anything, but to just sit there and relax. I proceeded to command the right leg to grow out and it was slowly coming out again.

Before it came out all the way, he started to squirm and told me to stop. He said that his legs were not different lengths and that I needed to stop or one would be longer than the other. He was clearly freaked out and didn't want me to continue. I explained to him that if he let me continue, Jesus would make them the same length and correct any problems associated with it. He again said they weren't different lengths. I put them together and showed him again. The right was now about 1/3 shorter. He said that it was just because he was sitting crooked and moved about on the bench to adjust. I put them together again and still the right was shorter by the same amount. He said it was just his shoes. He was saying and doing everything he could think of to deny what was happening. His paradigm about God was fractured and he struggled to hold on to what he thought he knew was 'reality'. He even said that it was just his shoes or that I was holding his shoes that way to make it look like that. I offered to show him by taking off his shoes and praying while he was in bare feet. He didn't want me to do that either.

I let his feet down and explained that God was showing him a proof that He was real and he was rejecting it. He denied that as well. I explained, "You are witnessing a miracle and it is forcing an emotional response. I understand that. It's ok. You are freaking out right now and that's ok too." I asked him if he felt anything in his legs while I was praying and he said that he felt his leg stretching, but then followed that with "...because you were pulling on them." I said, "No, I wasn't. You know I was pushing against your heels. You felt me doing that. Right?" He was silent. I thanked him for letting me pray, and suggested that next time if the situation comes up to let the person pray to grow out his leg. I said that if you are experiencing back problems, that is the reason why. He said he was sorry for reacting the way he did and thanked me for stopping and talking to him. He said that he learned a lot. I shook his hand, and assured him that Jesus was going to make the way for him to get home and he would know it was Him doing it. Wild! haha.

Later in the day on my way home from work, I met a young man who had been in an accident when he was a little child. He was clearly walking with a limp. That was the reason I approached him in the first place. He said that he now had pain all over his body and in his right leg, but the leg pain was mostly at night time. The pain was at a level of 5 out of 10. He explained that the accident affected his body so that he walked as he did and talked like he was drunk. Which I could clearly hear. He let me pray. He was also a born again believer. I put my hand on his shoulder and in the name of Jesus Christ, I commanded all pain to go, any unclean spirits to be broken off of him from the accident and that his brain, nerves, muscles and his whole body to be healed and function normally. He reported that all the pain was now gone! Glory to Jesus! I explained that I believed the problem with his walk was going to improve completely and that the speech problem would as well. I shared with him how he could do all that Jesus did too, and shared with him some testimonies of healings I have seen lately where they were progressive but complete. We hugged and parted ways.

Thank You Lord for using me today!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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