Monday, September 16, 2013

Faith Like a Mustard Seed - In Jesus - 09-16-2013

Maybe you haven't heard this before. This is something to encourage you.

If you have or ever do go to heal someone in the name of Jesus and nothing "appears" to happen, I want to encourage you, do not say, or entertain thoughts or temptations to doubt, like "Why didn't they get healed?" "Why didn't it happen?" "It didn't work." etc. Cast those thoughts down and keep your faith active, firm and sure. Even if you have to, say to yourself *No, they will recover in Jesus' name. I laid hands on the sick, I am a believer, they will recover! That settles it. Thank You Jesus for healing that person!* I say this because...

During my lunch today, I was walking back to work and walked past these two young men at the skate park. I started to walk past them as I was needing to get back to work, but then I was led by the Spirit to go back to them and approach them to heal them and share some quick Gospel truth. I walked up to them and asked, "Hey guys, do any of you have pain in your bodies, like from falling, or reoccurring injuries and stuff?" They said yes. The one young man, I initially heard and felt drawn to, I asked if I could pray for him, saying, "Can I pray for you? I'll show you Jesus will heal ya. He'll take it away, right away." He shook his head no, with a little smirk, and kept saying "It's all good. It's all good." His friend said right away, "Let him do it." The young man groaned a little, changed his mind, listening to the input of his friend, and started to bring his leg over toward me. I assured him, "It's only going to take a second." And he said "Ok."

I asked which one it was, pointed at the right, he nodded yes, and while I was asking the young man "What level is it at? 10 would be the worst, 1 would be like nothing." He said "It's like, it's like, it clicks. It's like a 4." At that moment, his friend started to say, "I'd like to say something before you do this. Normally I would feel kind of weird with someone saying that, but I had someone... Cause I'm not really ahhh..." I said "Religious?" He said, "I guess, ya, that's what I'd say. But I had someone do this for me once and for my ankle and I actually, like..." I added, "Got better?" He nodded yes and continued, "...later that day, I was feeling better and I was all like, blown away." Me: "Ya, that happens all the time." Him: "Super weird man."

The other young man whom I thought was the only one who said yes earlier and whom I felt drawn to, said, "Ya, my ankles and my legs." Me: "Is there any pain now, or just, it just clicks?" Him: "It clicks but there's pain usually when it always sits and stuff like that." Me: "K, watch this." I put my hand on his leg, "In Jesus' name... what's your name?" Him: "Alex." Me: "Pain, leave Alex's knee right now. Ankles be healed. All pain go. In the name of Jesus. Jesus is Lord. In Jesus' name."

All the while, they are smoking away on a spliff of Marijuana. I stepped back, asked him, "How does it feel?" Hahaha, he says, "Just two legs, still my legs." I smiled and said, "Just try it out. Do something that would normally hurt. Or.." He got up and hopped on his skateboard and rolled away to try some tricks then came back. "They feel un-stretched, but they feel better." Me: "It's better." Him: "I don't know if it's the weed but it's good." I just laughed, "It's Jesus man. And He's real." Him: "Sick."

Then I shared about the gospel a bit.

So he let me pray, tested it out and Jesus healed him. I did get it on video but didn't ask if they minded if I posted it online and since they were smoking pot, I didn't think it was appropriate to post without their permission. (Update 05-10-2014: I decided to post it anyway:

The point here, if his friend didn't get healed previously, they probably would have just brushed me off and not let me show them the kingdom of God is at hand, and share the gospel with them.

Note that, the other young man who encouraged his friend to go ahead and let me, was not healed right when the other Christian prayed for him. It was later that day that he got better. So, try to remember not to let the enemy or maybe your un-renewed mind destroy the work you put forth in laying hands on the sick and releasing, by faith, the life of God into them.

Be encouraged! :D

Oh ya, another testimony. I also had a word of knowledge for a left wrist a bit after this. Just before meeting these young men, I was asking the Holy Spirit for words of knowledge. while back at work doing my job, I got a pain in my left wrist for no reason and never had one there before. I thought, *This must be a word of knowledge.* I didn't see anyone right away at work, or as I left to go home. But while out and about after work, taking my sweet old time and taking photos of our legislature building, I met a woman running past me who I believed it was for. She had a wrist brace on and I sort of chased her down a little. She said she had broken it a little while ago. She let me pray real quick. She didn't want to test it out after I laid hands on it and commanded it to be healed in Jesus' name, as she was in a rush to go. She was starting to jog away, and I told her about the word of knowledge from the Lord, that He was going to heal a left wrist today. She said "Oh, maybe it was for me. I'll know when I try it later."

The pain in my left wrist? It went away right after that and has not returned. You can be sure, she WILL recover! Praise YOU LORD!!! Haha!

And notice too that if I wasn't in peace, just going about my life, taking photos, I wouldn't have run into this woman and had the chance to release life into her wrist.

It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.! Gal.2:20

Oh ya, and I got to pray for someone's back at work too. He seemed to say it was better, but still there a bit. He didn't want me to pray again, but actually said, "I'll let the first one soak in a bit." Haha! I assured him, "It will get better. This stuff works." He is not a disciple of Jesus. But maybe this will help that along.

Thank You, Lord! All praise and glory to You!!

Peace, grace and love in Jesus Christ!


  1. Karen Lucy17/9/13 15:23

    Amen ! Praise the Lord!

  2. Amen! He is so good, and so worthy of all praise and honor! I feel as though my words cannot even do Him justice though. Wow, I just thought of Paul's words in Romans 12:1. I like the ESV version for this one: "present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship." In this respect, with our bodies we praise Him!