Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wrist Injury, and man walks better than before - In Jesus - 06-11-2013

Today at work I had the opportunity to pray for a co-worker who had injured her wrist a day or two before. She mentioned the pain at a level of about 5 out of 10. After one commanding prayer in the name of Jesus, there was no change, after the second time it was reduced to 3 out of 10, to her surprise. Prayed one more time and no change. I held her arm for a minute or two this time while I shared a testimony from yesterday and then asked her to check it again, still no further change. I told her I believe it will be completely better before tonight was over. I later saw her at another break and she no longer had the wrist brace on, and said it was better still yet. Not sure if there was any pain left at all though. She was sitting with another girl I got to pray for last year and whom the Lord took pain from her back. I told the girl from today that I prayed for the other girl she was sitting with and God took pain away from her and she agreed saying "Oh ya, my back!" Hehe, glory to Jesus! Fish'em in Lord!

I got to pray for a man who was in a wheel chair and had been afflicted with a flesh eating virus a few years ago. That had caused him to not be able to walk very well. He could with a walker though, he said. I shared the gospel with him briefly and then prayed for him. I asked him to try walking and at first he fell back into the motorized wheel chair. He wanted to try again. I helped him this time. We walked about 10 feet away from the chair and back again. He sat back down with a grin on his face and said that was better than he has ever done before. He felt more strength. I told him that I believed he was going to continue to improve and never need the use of that chair again. He said he would think more about this Jesus I told him about and thanked me for telling him about Him and praying for him. He did not want to ask Jesus to be His Lord just yet.


Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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