Friday, June 14, 2013

Tingles - In Jesus - 06-13-2013

As I walked back to work during my last break of the evening I met a young native girl who knew the Lord. I noticed her because she had a cast on her right leg. She had fractured it a few days before and had said it was just a temporary one. She said they already took X-rays and she would be getting a real cast next Wednesday. There was no pain. She thought the only way she would be able to tell if it was healed was when they took the cast off. I told her, "Alright, Jesus is going to heal it right now." I held her hand and in the name of Jesus I commanded the bones in her leg to be mended and restored completely. She reported feeling tingles in her leg under the cast and appeared to be almost at the point of tears. At least until she saw a boy she knew and then her countenance changed. I told her to have them check it again when they take the cast off and for her to try walking on it at that time. I believe they will have no explanation as to why it is all healed up. haha! Come on Jesus!!!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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