Friday, June 14, 2013

Pain leaves on a phone call and from a broken arm - In Jesus - 06-14-2013

This evening I got to speak to a gentleman who let me pray for him over the phone. He was experiencing pain in his body, among other health concerns. In Jesus' name I commanded the pain to go and released life to all his body. He laughed when I asked him if he felt better, and said "Yes." I could hear the smile on his face. haha! I told him "You see, the Lord is real and He loves you and wants you to really know Him. Anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved." He said thank you and we ended the call.

I later met two young men, one of which had a cast on his right arm. He said he had pain at a level 4 out of 10. He let me pray. I took his hand and commanded the bones to be mended and all pain to leave. He said the pain was now at about a 1 out of 10, but could now feel some throbbing in it. I took his fingers and command the pain to go completely, and the throbbing to stop. He reported no more pain and was now feeling tingles in what I believe to be a formerly broken arm. I asked if he had ever experienced anything like that before and if he knew why that was possible. He said he had not, and did not know why. I shared the gospel with them but then found out after (haha) from the other that they were believers and attend a meeting somewhere with other believers. The young man who's arm was healed seemed quite amazed and encouraged by what he had just experienced. I then explained to them that they could do the same things as Jesus did if they have the Spirit of God living inside of them. They encouraged me to keep spreading the truth.

Thank you Jesus for being my Lord and Savior and using me to bring glory to Your name!

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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