Monday, December 24, 2012

In Jesus - 12-23-2012 - A tear and a kiss

I was at Walmart before heading over to my parent's place for dinner and got to pray for a man in a wheel chair. He had osteo arthritis. His hands were starting to twist up. He also had these sores on his skin but I'm not sure what they were. They were on his face and hands. Pretty much any of his exposed skin. I was in the check out when I noticed them (him and a female), waiting just past the check out lines at the front of the store by the greeter. I approached them and asked what was wrong. Why he was in the wheel chair. He had explained the infirmity that was on him. I asked what the pain level was at, but he said he was feeling pretty good right now as he had taken something to kill the pain. His name was Neil. I forget her name. I explained "I pray for people and God heals them. Can I pray for you? Would you like to be healed?" He seemed thankful and said yes. With his permission, I took his hand that was already starting to twist up, covered in these little bumpy sores, into my hands and looked at him and commanded the spirit of arthritis to leave him. I commanded all pain to leave him. I took authority over every infirmity and commanded it OUT with soft but forceful voice and finished it up with "in Jesus' name". I could see a tear start to roll down out of his right eye. I asked him how he felt and if he felt any different. He took my hands to his face and kissed them. It was quite evident how thankful and hopeful he truly was. He said he would know after. I am guessing he meant after the medication wore off. I believe he is healed. God's word don't lie, Mark 16:18. You know, I don't know why, but I completely forgot to ask him to get up and try walking. It wasn't like I was in unbelief and thinking he wouldn't be able to. It was just a thought that was completely absent from my mind. Next time, I guess. Maybe I gotta slow down and actually love on these people more than I am. Mind you, I was late for dinner and in a bit of a rush to get there. Help me to be more like you, Lord. It sure blessed me to see his reaction though. I asked the female how she was doing and if there was anything I could pray for her for, but she was fine. I also asked Neil if there was anything else. He said no too. We parted ways wishing each other a Merry Christmas. God is good!

Stop for the one. It might not be perfect all the time, but we never know the impact we have on people, even in that short amount of time.

Grace, peace and love!

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