Friday, December 21, 2012

In Jesus - 12-21-2012 - End of the world

So, for the end of the world today I got to pray for and bless a couple people. I think this is good. For the last couple of months I haven't been making too much extra effort in stepping out to share the gospel of the kingdom in word or by deed (ie, healing the sick). I feel it is time to step that up again. I desire to be more fruitful in the Lord. I think you will see more updates from me in the coming months. I hope that it may encourage some of you who read this blog (Matt. 5:16, Heb.10:24).

At lunch break, I met Rick and Denise. Rick was in a motorized chair/buggy and had MS on him. They were fellow Christians. I got to lay hands on Rick and command healing into his body and the MS out. I also shared some with them in how I believe the scriptures show that it is always God's will to heal. Rick was thankful for the prayer and said that he had felt better after it. I did not have him try to walk though. I should have. But they were in a bit of a rush to get going after our talk. I will try to remember to press for that next time.

On my way home from work I met a man named Bill whom I had prayed for last August. He was having back pains again. I laid my hand on his back and commanded the pain to leave in Jesus' name. He reported it being much better afterwards and was really blessed and thankful. As was I.

I forget how much of a blessing it is to myself when I step out to give people a blessing from the Lord as a son of light in the kingdom of God.

Thank you for using me today, Father! MORE!

Grace, peace and love!

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