Monday, April 04, 2016

Wrist Pain Goes - In Jesus - 04-04-2016

After leaving the mall today I walked out and saw a man and a woman walking towards the entrance. The woman had a brace on her right wrist. I approached them and asked if she had any pain there. She said that there was some. So I asked if I could pray for her and said that I see Jesus heal people all the time. She said we're kind of in a rush. But I said it'll only be a few seconds and what have you got to lose. She let me put my hand on her right wrist and then I commanded the pain to leave in the name of Jesus. I took my hand away and ask her how it felt. It was a 4 out of 10 before I prayed and then after I prayed she said it was 0. I asked if anything like that had ever happened to her before. She said no. They were both looking at me kind of dumbfounded. It seemed very uncomfortable for them and as if they didn't know how to process what just happened. I simply told them that Jesus really was the Son of God, He really did die on the cross and rise from the dead and He's really coming back for those who love Him and follow Him. I told them that if they believe in Him and follow Him they too will have the Holy Spirit in them who Jesus does the miracles through in the believer. I said that Jesus came to give us forgiveness of sins through faith in Him, that He made the way for us to be restored to God. The lady said that's true to a few of the statements that I said, so she seemed to know the truth. I thanked them for letting me pray and wished them a good evening.

Thank You Jesus. I love seeing You heal people, whether they accept You or not. But I pray that You would bring the harvest in through me, Lord, use me to bring Your children home, in Jesus name.

Grace, peace and love to you all in Jesus Christ!

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