Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Broken ankle pain goes away - In Jesus - 03-28-2016

Earlier at the park tonight, the boys got out of the car to go to the washroom and as they did they pointed out a girl who was being pushed in a wheelchair toward a car. I nodded to Trevor sort of to suggest he go, and paused for a moment because of the wheel chair and even thought to myself, 'I'm not going over there.' I shouldn't have, but I did. As the boys disappeared, I looked over again and the girl had been helped up from the chair and had partially hopped by herself into what seemed to be her boyfriend's passenger side of his SUV. I changed my mind at this point and hopped out of my car to quickly go ask what happened and see if I could pray. Truthfully, I saw she was more mobile so I felt more confident to do so. Again, I shouldn't have, but I did. He (the boyfriend) was in the process of folding up the chair and putting it into the back of the SUV and she had her door open. As I walked toward them, I was about 15 or 20 feet away and yelled out, "What happened, did you break it?" I saw the black colored plaster cast by this time. She said "Yes." I continued toward her and said, "Do you feel any pain in it?" She said "Yes." I added, "I pray for people and see Jesus heal them. Can I pray for you?" I was right beside the car at this time. I looked back at him and he was gazing through the back of the SUV with a smile on his face while still putting the chair away. She started to smile too and said "Absolutely." I asked about the level of pain she felt right now. She said "Because it is a little cold out now, probably a 5 out of 10." I told her I would like to pray right then and explained how the bible says that believers lay hands on the sick and they recover so I like to do that too by putting my hand on the person's shoulder or wherever and pointed at her leg. She was a little leery it seemed but played along. I told her my name, and put out my hand to shake her's, and she told me her's was Ali. He had come to the side of the car to watch at this point and I looked over at him and said hi and asked his name. His was Ryan. I turned back to her and asked what it was, the ankle or the ... and she quickly said yes. I said "Ok, I'll just put my hand on here and ..." I just did it, placed my hand on her cast at the ankle, and said "All pain go, ankle be healed in the name of Jesus." I pulled back and asked her how it was. She seemed a little surprised and said "It actually feels pretty good." So I followed up, "Do you feel any pain at all? Or it's all gone?" She said, "No, it actually feels good." I asked her if she had ever had anything like that happen before. She said "Well, it was nice to have anyone say something nice at all, or to say something nice over it, whether a prayer or not." I said, "No, I mean have you ever experienced that, like someone praying for you and being healed or the pain going away like that before?" She thought a moment and said "Yes." I asked if she knew Jesus as Lord. She said that she respected him as Lord. I explained to the both of them a little bit about why Jesus did miracles when He walked the earth and why He still does them today. She nodded and Ryan listened. I quoted John 14:6 and she said "Yes, He is definitely one of the ways.", as she looked at Ryan. I asked Ryan how he was doing and if he had anything going on in his body. He said he was doing good, no issues. And started to get into the car. I addressed Ali's last comment and said "I know you said He was one of the ways. But Jesus was very exclusive. He said 'I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and no one comes to the Father but through Him.' He was saying He was THE way." and I gave her an analogy of if I wanted to give her a way to get a hold of me and I gave her my number, she would have to call my number, not some other number to get to me. She said she appreciated the analogy and thanked me. I thanked them for letting me pray and suggested to think about what Jesus said when they process all of what just happened. She said she would do that. I let them go as they seemed to want to.

Grace, peace and love in Jesus Christ!

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